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St. Thomas Parks, Reserves and Historic Places

Immerse Yourself in St. Thomas’ Natural Beauty and Fascinating Past

Explore nature and history while vacationing in St. Thomas! Swim among colorful reef fish and turtles, kayak through beautiful mangrove forests while keeping an eye out for a graceful egret, hike to historic sites, take photos, join a boating excursion, or snorkel!

Uncover Scenic Treasures around St. Thomas

Several areas on and around St. Thomas are protected or designated as parks, allowing wildlife and plant life to have a secure habitat and, in some cases, giving you the opportunity to explore them all. These protected areas include watersheds and mangrove lagoon systems, small islands and cays, beaches and marine areas. Various Virgin Islands historical treasures are also protected, ensuring their preservation for future generations to appreciate and cherish.

  • Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve

    East End

    Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve, St. Thomas

    Nestled on the picturesque East End of St. Thomas lies a series of protected areas, each offering a unique glimpse into the island's rich biodiversity. 1....

  • Smith Bay Park

    East End

    Smith Bay Park, St. Thomas

    Smith Bay Park, established in 2006, includes both coastal and marine ecosystems of significant beauty and importance. The 21 acre park is home to an assortment of plants, birds...

  • Hassel Island (VI National Park)


    Hassel Island (VI National Park)

    Hassel Island is 135 acres in size of which 122 acres are part of the Virgin Islands National Park. Once a peninsula connected to St. Thomas, the land mass...

  • National Historic Places & Landmarks

    Various Location

    National Historic Places & Landmarks

    There are about 20 sites on St. Thomas designated on the National Registry of Historic Places; an official list of places that are considered historic and worthy of preservation....

  • Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge


    Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge

    Buck Island, located 2 miles south of St. Thomas, was established as a wildlife refuge in 1969 due to its value for migratory birds. It is managed by the...

  • Offshore Cays/Wildlife Sanctuaries


    Offshore Cays/Wildlife Sanctuaries

    Over 50 small cays and islands dot the waters of the USVI. These cays and the coastal areas around them provide prime habitat for seabirds, lizards, turtles and corals....

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