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St. Thomas: Taxis & Rates

Taxi and luxury car services in St. Thomas include airport transfers, rides to and from your hotel or villa, shopping & beach trips, transportation to and from dinner, group and wedding transportation, and sightseeing tours.

Taxis are a popular transportation choice for visitors to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Taxis in St. Thomas are not metered. Taxi rates are per person and by destination. There is St. Thomas taxi information below including: list of taxis, FAQs, tips, taxi rate tables, taxi fees for things like luggage, taxi regulations and private taxi rates.

Luxury transportation services available in St. Thomas include luxury car, black car, limousine, chauffeur, and security transportation services.

Contact Islander Taxi Service Inc.

Contact JS Miller Taxi and Tours

Contact ICBW Transportation

Contact Loyal Legacy Transportation Services

Contact VI Top Taxi and Tours

Contact Mr. Nice Guy – Luxury Transportation Services

Contact Paradise Taxi and Tours USVI

Contact Samuel Dependable Services (SDS)

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FAQs about using Taxis in St. Thomas

  • Do taxis in St. Thomas accept credit cards? Some taxis accept credit cards, but the majority of taxis in St. Thomas are cash only. Credit card customers should alert the dispatcher or taxi driver of their intent to pay with a credit card prior to boarding the vehicle.
  • What vehicle types are used as taxis in St. Thomas? Vehicles most commonly used by St. Thomas’ taxi drivers include vans, safari trucks, and SUVs. There are a few accessible taxis in St. Thomas, some limo and luxury taxi options, and a couple of party buses.
  • Are taxis safe in Thomas? Licensed taxis in St. Thomas are safe, reliable, and well regulated by the VI Taxicab Commission.
  • Are taxis expensive in St. Thomas? Taxi rates in St. Thomas are per person and by destination. Costs can add up if you are planning for frequent outings, or when traveling as a group. Look at the taxi rate tables on this page to help you estimate your transportation costs based on the places you plan to go.
  • Are taxis available everywhere in St. Thomas? Taxis are almost always available at the cruise ship docks (when ships are in port), at the airport (when arriving flights are scheduled), within the tourist shopping districts (during normal store hours), at the most popular beaches (during normal daytime hours), and outside the lobby of large resorts. You can also call for a taxi or pre-arrange taxi service.
  • How do I identify a taxi in St. Thomas? Licensed taxi vehicles in St. Thomas have a taxi placard or dome light on the roof, license plates that indicate taxi status, on duty/off duty sign in the windshield of the vehicle and a sign usually on the fender that indicates passenger capacity. The driver’s personal identification/taxi license should be on the vehicle’s dash board.
  • I forgot something on a taxi in St. Thomas, is there a lost and found? If you left something on a licensed taxi in St. Thomas, and you do not know the contact information for the driver, then contact the VI Taxicab Commission at (340) 693-4211 and provide as much detail as you can about the taxi and lost item(s). Licensed taxi drivers all have radios, and the commission can put out a radio call about your lost item in an effort to locate it.
  • I have a compliment or complaint to make about a taxi in St. Thomas. Submit Compliment/Complaint to the VI Taxicab Commission.

Tips for taking Taxis in St. Thomas

  • St. Thomas taxi rates are standardized but there are additional fees for things like luggage and waiting. Its a good idea to speak to the driver and agree to your total rate before boarding the taxi. The total rate for you, your group, your luggage, waiting, making a quick stop at the grocery store, a tour, whatever you have requested, get the total fare.
  • Some taxis in St. Thomas can carry up to 26 passengers. Taxi drivers of large vehicles, particular at the cruise ship docks and airport, will wait to fill their vehicle before departing. If you have a schedule to stick to, for catching a ferry or getting back to a cruise ship, be sure to let the taxi dispatcher and driver know.
  • There are people that run “gypsy taxis” in their personal vehicles. They often hustle outside bars and grocery stores. They are not licensed taxis, and therefore they do not adhere to the regulations set by the VI Taxi Commission. “Gypsy taxis” are use at your own risk.
  • For St. Thomas sightseeing tour rates, luggage rates, hourly rates, and other information, see the Additional Taxi Charges Section.


Note Regarding Taxi Rate Increases: The Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission has in recent months proposed taxi rate increases. Per a phone call to the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission office on August 10th, 2022, a rate increase has not yet taken effect. The published rates below are therefore still currently in use.

St. Thomas Taxi Rate Tables

Blackbeard’s Castle5.
Bluebeard’s Castle5.
Bolongo Bay10.008.0012.009.00
Carib Beach Resort7.
Compass Point12.009.0014.0010.00
Cowpet Bay15.0010.0018.0012.00
Danish Chalet Inn7.
Elysian Resort15.0010.0018.0012.00
Emerald Beach Resort7.
Frenchman’s Reef8.006.0010.008.00
Hotel 18294.
Islander Beachcomber7.
Island View Mountainside Inn9.
Mafolie Hotel8.006.0010.008.00
Magen’s Point Hotel10.007.0012.009.00
Palms Court Harborview Hotel7.
Pavillions and Pools13.0010.0015.0011.00
Point Pleasant13.0010.0015.0011.00
Margaritaville/Pineapple Beach13.0010.0015.0011.00
Ritz Carlton Resort & Club15.0010.0018.0012.00
Sapphire Beach Resort13.0010.0015.0011.00
Secret Harbor Resort15.0010.0018.0012.00
Thatch Farm7.
Windward Passage Hotel4.
Wyndham Sugar Bay13.0010.0015.0011.00
Yacht Haven – Havensight4.
Agnes Fancy6.
Airport Terminal7.006.00
Bonne Esperance11.009.0010.008.00
Brookman Estate10.008.0011.009.00
Canaan Estate9.007.0010.008.00
Caret Bay12.009.0011.009.00
Cassi Hill10.008.0012.009.00
Coki Point12.009.0014.0010.00
Contant Development8.
Crown Mountain10.
Crown Bay5.
Dorothea Estate12.009.0012.009.00
Drake’s Seat7.
Elizabeth Estate8.006.0010.008.00
Est. Thomas New Quarter6.
Flag Hill9.007.0010.008.00
Fort Mylner8.
Fortuna Mill12.0010.0010.008.00
Fortuna Point14.009.0012.008.00
Frenchman’s Bay10.008.0012.009.00
Havensight (crossroad)
Hawk Hill11.008.0012.009.00
Hull Bay12.008.0015.0010.00
Louisenhoj Castle7.
Lower John Dunkoe7.
Magens Bay10.008.0012.0010.00
Mahogany Run10.008.0013.0010.00
Mandahl Bay12.009.0014.0010.00
Market Square East8.006.0010.008.00
Mountain Top11.008.0012.009.00
Nadir Hill11.009.0012.0010.00
Paradise Point9.007.0011.009.00
Estate Pearl11.
Raphune Hill6.
Red Hook13.0010.0015.0011.00
Scott Free9.
Smith Bay12.008.0013.0010.00
Solberg Lookout7.
Solberg Upper9.007.0010.008.00
Soto Town6.
St. Peter Mt.10.008.0012.009.00
University of the Virgin Islands7.
West Indian Dock4.
Within Town Limits 4.004.00
BolongoMarket Square East9.007.00
Frenchman’s ReefMahogany Run12.009.00
Frenchman’s ReefMountain Top12.009.00
Frenchman’s ReefLimetree7.005.00
Frenchman’s ReefMarket Square East10.008.00
Frenchman’s ReefMagens Bay12.009.00
Magens BayCoki12.009.00
Magens BayBolongo12.009.00
Magens BayMountain Top10.008.00
Magens BayLimetree12.009.00
Magens BaySapphire Beach12.009.00
Magens BayRitz Carlton15.0010.00
Mahogany RunBolongo12.009.00
Mahogany RunCowpet12.0010.00
Mahogany RunLimetree12.009.00
Mahogany RunMountain Top10.008.00
Red HookBovoni7.006.00
Red HookBolongo8.007.00
Red HookBordeaux20.0014.00
Red HookCaret Bay16.0012.00
Red HookCrown Mountain15.0011.00
Red HookMarket Square East9.007.00
Red HookDorothea15.0010.00
Red HookFrenchman’s Reef12.0010.00
Red HookHull Bay15.0010.00
Red HookLimetree10.008.00
Red HookMafolie13.0010.00
Red HookMandahl11.008.00
Red HookMountain Top15.0010.00
Red HookParadise Point15.0011.00
Red HookTutu8.006.00
Red HookWintberg11.008.00
Red HookMagens Bay12.009.00
Red HookPeterborg15.0011.00
TutuCaret Bay15.0010.00
TutuCrown Mountain13.0010.00
TutuFrenchman’s Bay9.007.00
TutuMagens Bay10.007.00
TutuMountain Top12.009.00

Additional St. Thomas Taxi Charges

  • The taxi charges to areas not listed in the above rate tables shall be arrived at by using the nearest tariffed place crossed to the next tariffed place ahead, based on the one nearest to the passenger’s destination.
  • Kennel Charges: Large Kennel $30, Small Kennel $20.
  • Round trip fares: double the one-way fare plus waiting charges.
  • Waiting charges: $1.00 per minute. First five minutes free.
  • Radio/Phone Call: One person, the fare plus one third of the basic fare. More than one person; add $1.00 to each passenger.
  • After Hours: Between midnight and 6:00am, there shall be an additional charge of $2.00 per person.
  • Luggage: A flat rate of $2 per bag shall be added to the fare for each passenger. The rate for items greater than 30″x20″ shall not exceed $4 per item.
  • Hourly Rates (1-4 passengers): Sedan/Mini Van $40; Van/Safari (14 passenger capacity) $55; Safari $80. Rates for additional passengers will be negotiated between the taxi operator and passengers.
  • Sightseeing Tours: 2 hours – One passenger $50; two or more passengers $25 per person. 3 hours – One passenger $60; two or more passengers $30 per person.

St. Thomas Taxi  Regulations

  • Taxi operators must adhere to the V.I. Taxi Division’s Rules and Regulations governing taxi operations while on duty. These rules are presented here, but are not inclusive.
  • The tariff must be posted in all public vehicles used as a taxi.
  • A taxi operator, while on duty, shall not refuse any passenger unless the passenger is intoxicated or disorderly, or in possession of a pet or animal (other than a seeing-eye dog) that is not properly secured in a kennel case or other suitable container. There shall be no charge for the seeing-eye dog.
  • A taxi operator must be courteous to passengers at all times.
  • All taxis must have “on duty/off duty” signs posted in the window of their vehicle and shall have installed lighted dome sign when on duty.
  • When “on duty”, taxi must pick up the passenger going in the same direction, unless as stipulated in provisions whereby a person requested and hired taxi exclusively for themselves, or a contact or franchise has been awarded to a specific group of persons.
  • All passengers must be discharged at their precise requested locations when fare is accepted or agreed to.
  • Taxi operators found exceeding or undercutting the official tariff will be cited by the DLCA Taxicab Division inspectors for violation of the tariff rate schedule. No organization or independent operator may set any special rates without approval of the Virgin Islands Taxicab Division of the Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.

Private Taxis in St. Thomas

Rates for any person requesting a taxi exclusively for themselves are as follows.

  • Airport to Red Hook
    $90 for 1-4 passengers, (5 or more passengers add $15 for each additional person).
  • Within Town Limits
    $55 for 1-4 passengers, (5 or more passengers add $7 for each additional person).
  • Airport to Frenchman’s Reef, Limetree, or Bolongo
    $65 for 1-4 passengers, (5 or more passengers will pay an additional fare each).

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