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There were 13 total (women and children - (2) 5 yr, (1) 8 yr, (1) 12 yr old) in our crew. We enjoyed Honeymoon Beach/Water Island for 2 days and found it perfect for us. Honeymoon is very calm. Most of the people in my crew either did not know how to swim or were novice swimmers. The calm, clear, shallow waters of Honeymoon is a perfect environment for people with little to no water skills. The children jumped out of the truck and into the water on the shoreline upon arrival (~10:00 a.m.) and we had to drag their "pruney" bodies out of the water in the mid-afternoon - they had so much fun. The 12 year old learned how to snorkel on Honeymoon Beach. The ladies set up "command center" under a palapa, coconut trees (trees are maintained regularly so no danger of falling coconuts) and next to picnic table. We brought our beach chairs, sand toys, rafts, towels and cooler with drinks. We bought lunch from Heidi Honeymoon Grill (burgers, chicken ceasar salad, sausage, hot dog) and some bought a slice or two from the Pizza Boat that pulls up to the beach each day. A couple of the ladies shared a raft and paddled out to the swim platform. The swim area is marked off by buoys and boats are kept at the perimeter. Uncrowded beach which the mothers found made it easier to keep track of their children and all of us found a great environment to talk, laugh, read a book, and relax.

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