Another cell ? TMO says I roam-what about data?

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Thinking if I take my TMO smarty phone I'll be billed roaming charges. The phone rep couldn't tell much other than cheerfully telling me that it would work.
Will I be able to access the web on my TMO phone at Caneel? Understand internet wifi on resort is spotty. But also would love to access google maps while on island for instance.
Anyone here have any experience bring their TMO phone to St John and Caneel? Big chargesreception etc?
Thanks in advance.

Posted : April 23, 2013 1:56 pm
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First of all I have no idea what a "TMO smarty phone" is. However, if by some remote chance you are asking about T-Mobile coverage, there is not a definitive answer as to what is available in the USVI. Puerto Rico is covered by T-Mobile, but when I have spoken to sales representatives when in Puerto Rico they aren't sure if the USVI is covered under also. Currently there is active comments on a thread that was started in 2009 asking about T-Mobile coverage on St Thomas and St Croix. You can follow the topic here, but you will see that no one yet has a fix on what is available:,101291

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Posted : April 24, 2013 11:52 am
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Couple of thoughts

1. As of our visit to Caneel in May 2012 (we didn't stay, but we use the beach and eat at the beach bar there) there was WIFI on the Caneel resort property.

2. In the past when we've had T-Mobile (couple of phones ago) we had no problems with service on the island. Interestingly, calling a local 340 number was long distance and resulted in some per minute fees (nothing like the 1.99 roaming fee -- want to say it was .25/min or something) but calls back to the states were included in our plan.

On the north shore beaches (that would include Caneel) you do have to be careful as sometimes your phone will attach to a BVI tower -- make sure your phone still says T-Mobile instead of LIME or Digicel -- the two BVI carriers that I remember.

Also, if your smartphone has it, assuming it's Android, there's probably a setting under Settings/Wireless and Networks/Mobile Networks called "data roaming" -- make sure it's unchecked -- or else you'll incur per KB charges which add up fast for data.

Posted : April 25, 2013 11:22 am
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