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Bolongo Bay

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Good Evening!
We rented a condo/villa on Bolongo Bay. It's not mentioned as a beach to visit. Is there something we should know about Bolongo? I'm really not that worried since we rented a car and will definitely be exploring.. Just curious on anyone's thoughts about Bolongo. Thank you!

Posted : April 16, 2012 7:27 pm
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There are better beaches than Bolongo, but Bolongo has entertainment at night and popular watersports excursions, so you won't suffer in any way. I've done their Heavenly Days Turtle Cove sail, and it was very good. The beach is kind of rocky (small pebbles), and I noticed most guests were wearing some type of water shoe. The gift shop at Bolongo also had them for sale, so I thought they must be a popular item!

Since the Virgin Islands are self-drive friendly and Bolongo is centrally located to other beaches, you're in a good location to explore the most popular beaches and still have access to some fun times at night. Bolongo also publishes a weekly activities calendar, so they do a good job of keeping you active if you want.

I've always like Bolongo for it's casual, beach bum vibe. Some of the other resorts look kind of "starchy" to me, if you know what I mean!

Posted : April 16, 2012 7:55 pm
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Thank you! Nice to know what to expect! With 2 teenagers, the beachy vibe will be great and of course they are always looking for entertainment. I thought it was a good location, too, being in the middle of the island on the southern side.

Posted : April 16, 2012 10:48 pm
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I read in the NY Post that Stevie Wonder was having dinner at Iggies last week and ended up playing/singing with the band that was playing that night. There was also a guitarist from the group Traffic, for those old enough to remember. You never know who will be at Bolongo Bay.

Posted : April 17, 2012 8:09 am
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The other was Dave Mason. In truth you never know who'll show up anywhere here. Take a closer look at that guy sitting next to you at the bar wearing the worn docksiders and sailing grubs and, underneath that hat - well, you just never know. I had from rock stars to royalty coming through my pub during its 16 year history here and those "famous" people enjoy coming here because we leave them alone and let them enjoy a vacation!!! 99% don't end up on You-Tube ...

Posted : April 17, 2012 8:56 am
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You can't beat Bolongo if you have kids/teens along (many of the other places we stayed were just too boring for them). We have snorkeled there and it's ok but with a car to get around you can save snorkeling for other places or do the Heavenly Days trip mentioned above (it's a carefree day for the family in crystal blue waters, well worth the money). After your trip please come back and tell us about it!

Posted : April 18, 2012 8:30 am
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Our 1st trip was an all inclusive at Bolongo, about 17 years ago. We were for a week and didn't want to leave, at that time they also owned Lime Tree and Elysian resorts. They have a loyal following and some of their employees have been there for a long time Erin, sever at Iggy's, Vaneeta social director who runs the Caribbean night on Wed. Don't miss that, The buffet is all island food and the salad bar alone is worth the price!! The Heavenly Days sail is great! and about the same price as others around the island. Their Ocean Grill is good and just a short stroll down the beach is Mim's restaurant, she is only open in the evening but great food in a very romantic setting. We have stayed several times at Watergate condos, next to Mims', very quiet and laid back Iguanas, remember the Iguanas are attracted by the color red, think nail polish or cherry in your drink!! One did jump on my pool float, he was trying to get away from a cat!! They can swim and sometimes fall asleep in a tree, then on to the ground!!

Look out for Donkey Hill !! We know we have arrived once we go down it.

I really need to find the time to do a trip report, the last 2 years we have stayed in a Condo at Sapphire Beach for a month both times. How old are the kids?

Posted : April 18, 2012 1:31 pm
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Wow! Thanks again for all the good info! We are excited to say the least. We have 19 and 13 year old daughters. They love to scrounge around under the water when we go to NC beaches. Just imagine their excitement when they will actually be able to see something! Thanks for the local restaurant advice. We will definitely be checking out Iggies. So are the waters calm when you take the day trips or does it just depend. My husband isn't a very good sailor. Wondering about the ferry to St John, too. Thanks again for your info and will definitely fill you in on our trip. That will be a sad day when I write about it in the past tense.

Posted : April 18, 2012 5:41 pm

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