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What is the situation with bus rides or dollar taxis from Red Hook to Charlotte Amalie. I will be staying at Sapphire/Pt. Pleasant/ Pineapple and probably going to C.A. daily. How reliable are these services if they exist? Have appointments at the federal building and was trying to avoid a car rental.

Posted : April 20, 2014 2:07 am
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You're best advised to rent a car. The transportation is unreliable and depending on it to get to specific appointments isn't a good idea. I'm not saying it can't be done, just that it's not a good idea. You could always try a "test run" and make a decision based upon that.

Posted : April 20, 2014 7:44 am
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The safaris don't have regular stops and times so you'll need to be waiting on the road to flag one down as it is going by. On east end, they do try to schedule a run in time to drop off people trying to catch the STJ ferry on the hour but that's no guarentee that will actually happen.
Good advice from STT Resident.

If it's important to be on time then you may wish to get to town, well ahead of your meetings, if you go with using safaris.

Renting a car may cost more but allows you to come and go as you please, where and when you please. If parking in town, use the lot across from Federal building (except during Carnival as that's where the village is) and get there early to get a spot. The lot fills fast. Until Carnival is over, parking in town will be a mess so be aware if coming prior to May 5th when Carnival is over and they begin to use the lot for parking, again.

God Luck.

Posted : April 20, 2014 9:53 am
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Reminded by Alana's point about standing on the side of the road, you're expected to be neatly dressed and clean for court appointments. The busy, hot and dusty main roads you're standing on waiting aren't going to do much for you!

Posted : April 20, 2014 10:00 am
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I still haven't decided if I'm going to rent a car or not the first week of June. I wonder about parking. I also do not like the idea of driving after sunset on unfamilar roads and of course the other side of the road. I am leaning toward traditional taxis.

Posted : April 20, 2014 10:55 am
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The drive between Rte 38 and town is all main road and easily navigable at any time of day. Your speed will be between 20-30 MPH (max on any part of the island is 35). Taxi fare from where you're staying will be $13 each way ($10 if your party is 2+ but it sounds as though you may be coming solo) plus tip. Should you decide to rent a car just go with a small compact - no need to spend the extra on a 4WD/SUV.

Posted : April 20, 2014 11:03 am

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