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Coden , Are YOU ready to blast off?

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Island Expert

Hey Coden!

Are you packed? Have you advised you bank/credit card company about your travels so they won't block your card? Has the villa agent sent you the final info? Are you checking the weather reports (YOU should know better by now - they're al false anyway).

Are you just WAY more excited than you've ever imagined?

When do you leave?


Topic starter Posted : December 13, 2006 11:25 pm
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Hey there, Bluwater!!

Yes - packed, yes - credit card companies, yes- Villa agency has sent final info, no - - well, I really have, twice this week, but I know they are false!! Ha-ha!! 🙂 I was basically looking for temperatures and it is going to be niiiiice. The bad part is that it is going to be nice here too. When we go South, we want the temps back here to be freezing. At least on the day that we leave, after that they can have a heat wave. Tee-hee-hee.

We still have to get cashola - I did some tallying for cash expenses yesterday, taxi, ferry, bag handlers at airports, ferries, etc. And then doubled the amount, for our return trip home. So I think I have that covered. My husband doesn't work on Fridays, so he'll get all of our banking done then.

And, YES, I am more excited than I ever imagined. Woo-hoo!! Yippee!!! I'm ready to go. Two more work days and I'm done. We have Everything packed except for my blow dryer and stuff like that - I have one little square of space left for it. I don't even know why I am hauling it because as soon as I hit STT my hair is going to Blow Up big time and I'll just keep it back with clips and headband. Ha!!

Another thing that I am excited over is my son getting a break. He has two last finals on Friday and then he is done until the end of January. He has been a busy bee trying to finish up this semester.

I do have to say that I am Proud of us for our packing. We have one bag to check. And then we each have one bag to carry-on. Oh, plus I bought a cute blue sling purse yesterday at TJ Maxx. I can't wait to use it. It will hold my suduko book & pencil, cell, wallet, and sunglasses...what else does a girl need? I've decided not to carry a backpack purse this trip. I have more backpack purses than a girl needs, let me tell you!

Sat and Sun we are using to clean the house and get it ready for our house sitter. We have a 10 yr old black lab so we actually have a college aged kid come stay at the house and we pay him/her the per day charge that we would be paying a border. They love to come stay here, the fridge is stock, we have cable, and a big house, especially compared to a small apartment up by campus. These kids are all friends of our sons, and we've either known them since birth, or grade school, or Jr HS, HS, or college. We picked a local kid for this time, since it is over X-mas, we didn't want to have to worry about the kid having to Go Home to visit Granny for an extended period or anything like that. Plus we have a back-up kid in the wings, just in case. We've done this for about 5 yrs now. Before this our dog went to some friends of ours house. But this is better. 🙂

We actually leave on Monday, but we don't fly down to STT until Tues morning. We don't land in STT until 4:14, and I'm afraid that it will be near dark by the time we get to Cruz Bay. Then we have to p/u the Jeep, and drive all of the way out to Coral Bay. Our first trip through the Island, in the Dark. What was I thinking??? 🙂

Wednesday we are using for our Drive around the island, stock up on liquor and food, swim here and there, and just get acclimated.

Thursday we have the Reef Bay Trail guided tour booked through the NPS.

X-mas eve night we are meeting Pia for a meet and greet at Sweet Plantains. Which I have been dying to try since I first heard about it, months and months ago. And the icing on the cake is getting to meet Pia!!!

Other than that, we have no plans. I've given the books, STJ Off Beaten and 4wd, fins, etc...and the maps, and all information to my son and his friend that we are bringing and said, Here, you all plan our days. I got us there and I'm on vacation. Ha!! So, once we land, the trip is in their hands.

We have our snorkel gear ready and we bought a underwater housing for sons Canon. It is sharp and came with all kinds of attachments, diffusers and stuff like that. And, we both have 1 Gig of memory so we are not hauling a laptop to download the pics in either. We will deal with that once we get home.

Sorry to be so long winded...I'm just pumped trying to get through this busy week at work, our trip, etc. Plus, if someone asks me to speak, well then I have trouble shutting up. LOL I really appreciate your help, and the help of everyone that I have met on the forums. And I can't wait to share my experiences with you once we return. And then, it will be time to start planning when we can go back. 🙂 Because I will be back!!!

Time to hit the shower and get ready for work... only two more days - yippee!!, and if I'm nice today maybe my boss will let me take a 1/2 day off tomorrow, after we go out to a 2 hour lunch that is, to celebrate Christmas. Ha-ha!! Hey - a girl can dream, right?

Ta-ta Bluwater and I wish you an awesome day!!

Posted : December 14, 2006 7:12 am
Island Expert

Woo-hooo!! i can FEEL your excitement! Yes, I bet your trip report will contain an interesting paragraph about your journey across the island in the dark on your arrival eve. I hope you have a greeter who is planning to meet you and guide you to the villa.

I know what you mean about the hair thing - my perfectly bobbed "do" would just fall flat as soon as I hit the stairs to exit the plane.

Just remember - don't worry to much about forgetting things. Make a list - check things off. If you forget something, you can probably find it down there. Don't forget to take SPF for your lips (like an SPF chapstick). I find that my lips always get chapped or burnt feeling.

Your new purse sounds cute! Did you get waterproof pouches for holding money and keys while swimming/lazing in the water?

On your travels on your first full day - don't forget to stop into St John Spice and say hi to Ruth if she's on island...and pick up some of their yummy rubs and sauces for your villa.

I hope you get your 1/2 day tomorrow!! Even of you don't.....your mind is probably going to start checking out today!

Topic starter Posted : December 14, 2006 9:23 am
Mountaineer girl
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Coden - I am so excited for you just reading your "pre-trip report"!ha! Maybe that's something everyone should start doing - I mean can't everyone take the time to type out a page in the middle of packing etc?? I can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back! I have 4 months and 5 days left! I've been doing a little something to prepare every month. One month I purchased new swim suits. Last month I got our car rental. This month I ordered those waterproof ID case things. We are flying to Jacksonville FL for the Gator Bowl, just hubby and me, and I'm kind of pumped about that (like getting a new blue/gold WV purse etc HeeHee) and with with NO KIDS! but our VI trip like NEVER leaves my mind! Maybe after I've been there once, and know what its like and what to expect, I won't get so obsessed about it, you think??

Have a safe and wonderful trip! Merry Christmas!

Posted : December 14, 2006 9:38 am
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Posted : December 14, 2006 10:11 am
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Wow, I can't believe you're almost ready to go! We follow in 3 days, arriving in STT on the 22nd. Seems like it was an eternity ago that you were planning your trip and we ours. You however are SO more organized than I am. All I have accomplished so far is making 3 dinner reservations and finding all our passports (in case we go to the BVIs.) I guess I think everything will pack itself, an unlikely concept with my family and especially with one son arriving home (hopefully) at 10pm on the 21st. Please pray for good weather in the midwest and east late next week!
I will be calling the cc companies on Monday, stopping the mail and papers and making a CVS run. The kids' dive gear will make up the majority of our checked bag, along with toiletries etc. My usually active family is telling me that all they want to do is sleep, swim, read books and drink beer! I bet I'll be able to get them moving once we hit the island. AT least I hope so.
Have a wonderful travel experience and maybe we'll see you in ST. John!

Posted : December 14, 2006 10:50 am
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Wow! You are organized.

We leave Christmas Eve morning. I've made dinner reservations for that night, and booked our day sail for the 26th. Other than that. Zip!

I did buy two underwater disposable cameras to put in my daughter's stocking. Does that count towards preparedness?

Oh, and I am constantly saying prayers that there will be a nice teenager, from a nice family, staying at Frenchman's Reef. That way, the Richmondlet won't be totally bored with us.

Posted : December 14, 2006 12:01 pm

I am soooo excited for you!! Jealous yes - but you are going to have the most amazing time.

When you get off the car barge - do me a favor and visit the first drink stand. Drink a double Bushwhacker for me. ha-ha. If I remember correctly - there are stands to your left once you leave the car barge area. You wont have any trouble driving - it shouldn't be dark at that time - Or so I think.

Take time to enjoy yourselves...Merry Christmas

I cant want to go back1

Come back and give us an exciting trip report

God Bless and Merry Christmas

Posted : December 15, 2006 2:41 am
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Good Morning Gang! And what a great day it is too, this, my last day of having to get up and get ready for work. Until Jan. 2nd that is, but who is thinking That far into the future. Certainly not I. 🙂

Bluwater - we do have a greeter, hope it works out the way it is supposed to. Fingers crossed!! We also have one waterproof is a smallish flat one that came with a pair of shorts of my husbands. We'll buy another one on STJ once we get there. Yes, on Wed, our run around day, one of our 1st stops will be to STJ Ruth. I can't wait to meet her!!

Hey, Blu, guess what? I think today I am going to throw Fashion rules out the window and carry my new blue purse. To heck w/ the fact that it is Winter here and that my purse is blue and not brown or was 63 degrees yesterday. So I think that allows me to wear my new Blue purse. 🙂 Hmmm, is this a sign of the Old Age....I can do whatever I want syndrome???? Tee-hee-hee.

Mtngirl - Your time is almost here and I can't wait to hear all about your trip!!

lwbe -See you on Island!! Have a safe trip over and a stress free travel day. Isn't that what we all want?!

Richmond - You also have a safe trip over and good luck on that nice teenager. I'm sure that all of the kids that are going to be on STJ over X-mas, will All be nice teenagers from nice families. Santa wouldn't let any bad ones in. Ha!!

Jennifer - Sounds like a plan to me!! 🙂

Ok gang - all that is left is the driving part. I think I have everything else covered. My hands are still sweating over that part...but once I do it, I'll be fine. I just hope I don't throw my hands up into the air, while I am screaming, and then cover my eyes!!! Wish me luck!!

I wish all of you the Best Holiday Season. May you have many wonderful memories shared with your Family and Friends. Take care!!!


Posted : December 15, 2006 6:41 am
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