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getting overwhelmed. trying to move from detroit to st Thomas

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Tracy Green
New Member

is it worth bringing a car from michigan to st Thomas Virgin Islands? If so through who?

from what I've seen I thought I could load up my car but I haven't found a shipper that will allow this. I am a house painter and kinda wanted to bring all my materials with.

I am leaning towards st Thomas because of Home Depot and sherwin but being self employed I want to go were their may be work.

Loading the car up with painting ladders, etc water filter, juicer, blender, kitchen stuff, bedding. is this feasible or does everyone just buy when they arrive?

other post look like its gonna cost 10k just to relocate.  At that rate I might as well bring a backpack and buy it when I get there????

Cell phone is Verizon now, sounds like it will have to switch...

Still looking for apartment or shared place.  

Like everyone else kinda wanted to eliminate the unknown

Topic starter Posted : April 4, 2021 3:01 pm
Trusted Member Admin

@tracyjogreen Check out for information about relocating to the Virgin Islands.


Posted : April 5, 2021 11:43 am