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Gift from the mainland?

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Ok I've been thinking about this. The fact that I'm staying with my cousin maybe she would appreciate something that is hard to find there? Anybody on the island know of anything you would love and be able to use. She hates useless things so I would want to give her something she will use. Also she has a husband and would like to give him something as well. Any suggestions would be break. Some new shorts? Some...milk? Just kidding, but...I want to show my appreciation. Thank you


Posted : April 15, 2012 1:06 pm
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Some high quality sheets were one of the best surprises a house guest gave me lately - if they are coffee drinkers some great fresh beans are a treat - a Canadian friend always brings me maple syrup and she is welcome anytime because of that - a beautiful antique oil lantern that someone brought down for me years ago has been a blessing many nights when WAPA has gone down - since the internet many more things are available for us here but a thoughtful gift is a fine surprise and a welcome treat. - surely some other suggestions will be advanced.

Posted : April 15, 2012 1:50 pm
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The best advice I can offer is to ask her. People miss very different things and there's no commonality at al. I miss fresh picked right-off-the-vine tomatoes and corn on the cob so that's what I ask for during the summer and fall months if asked! The other day I had an overwhelming craving for a Dunkin donut which I haven't had in a couple of decades (or more!) but when I was on the 'phone with a friend who was making a quick trip to DC I completely forgot to ask even though I'd written it down. Anyway, she was back the next day and said that the Dunkin Donuts place near her DC home was closed. Oh well!

Posted : April 15, 2012 1:51 pm

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