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Kayak rental at a snorkel beach

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Kayak rental at a snorkel beach

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Can anyone recommend a nice snorkeling beach that has kayak rentals? --- for a diver/snorkeler who's companion doesn't dive but wants to kayak while their companion snorkels below. I am thinking hull bay or coki beach which are both great snorkeling/diving beaches but I don't know if rental kayaks are available at either. What say you?

Posted : January 20, 2013 11:54 pm
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Most beaches have kayak rentals. The only one that doesn't, I think, is.Brewers. Oh, and Lindquist/ Smith Bay Park.

Posted : January 20, 2013 11:59 pm
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Cinnamon Bay STJ. you can easily kayak to some great snorkeling spots. From the point (where the rental shack is) paddle:
left towards peter bay. Nice snorkeling with (plane wreck) past campground.
out towards island.
right towards maho. Nice snorkeling between maho and franis.
Call ahead and reserve the kayak. Arrive early before the wind picks up. Pack a small cooler. Hats and SPF 1000+. make a day of it.

Posted : January 22, 2013 3:47 pm

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