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I must say I have truly enjoyed over the past 2 days reading the message board, collecting information, and learning about
St. Thomas. I will be coming to St. Thomas in mid June, and staying at the Ritz Carlton with my family, five 23, and 22 year olds. Yes, I am mom.
If anyone has any last minute advise I would surly appreciate it. I have read many reviews, message boards, and now trying to make a decision. Private boat rental verses day excursion options. I rented a private boat, with captain last year for two glorious days off of Key West with my family. We had a great time of sun, cocktails, wonderful food grilled right on board the boat and much snorkeling. We did just what I had hoped for. To create new memories.
These are the companies I have been reading about and points of interest for a day on the water. "Oh Be Joyful", "Big Blue VI Powerboat Excursions", New Horizons Charter", "Bad Kitty", "Treazzure", and Lion in Da Sun". As for points of interest, I should go to .............The Baths, Foxy's for lunch, the caves (off of Norman Island) and snorkel in BVI. Oh, and make sure there are many rum bunches flowing. How am I doing?
How about at night, Wednesday night go to Paradise point from 5-9. Friday night Duffy's for fun and what about Saturday night?
Friday I know there are not any ships in port so that would be a good day to see the town. How about one night out for dinner on the town. Dinner with a view maybe for the six of us with out having to sell my home.

Oh, and one last thing I read about, rent a car or not to rent a car? Do the taxi services have vans? I forgot to mention, if I do not meet the dictionary standard or the spelling of a company's name correctly, I am sorry. This is my first message board.

Thanks for taking the time to read mom's message


Posted : May 24, 2009 6:04 pm
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Taxis here are vans; you can find their rates at the top of this page under St Thomas -- Transportation -- Taxi Rates. They're more expensive than a rental car. Of course, the downside of a rental car is that you have to skip the adult beverages and contend with our crazy roads while driving on the left.

Posted : May 24, 2009 6:42 pm
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Welcome Mom!

The Ritz is in a great location and the grounds are lovely. The drinks a little pricey, but hey you are on vacation.

What you are going to find is that a week is too short!

I would definitely put Lattitude 18 on your list on Tuesday night. It is open mic night and sometimes you can bump into real players. It is very close to the Ritz, but oh what a bumpy road.

There has to be a STJ day trip. Ride the ferry over, back light but take a dry set clothes. Sunday Jazz at the beach bar is good day to go. But really any day is good. Woody's and Quiet Mon are great for happy hour.

A BVI day trip is also great. The Baths are amazing if you have never been, but is alot of boat time getting there. The kids will love JVD, but be ready for some hard partying.

However there is plenty to do on STT....

Absolutely get a car!

Maybe two weeks would be better 😎

on the serious side...

I will tell you as I said in many other post in the past - Nothing good happens after Midnight. STT is very safe and friendly place but as in most places the later it gets the risk of stupidity goes up. I would have a chat with the kids (no matter the age) and hope they realize that you are there to enjoy the blue water and white sand.

Posted : May 24, 2009 6:43 pm
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Welcome to the forum, you will get much advice here from many forumer's many who live there and many who wish they lived there that have been visiting for years. You have to include a day to visit St. John. If you 've never been you should take a tour around the island, it's absolutely stunning. Cruz Bay (where the ferry dumps you) is a great place for your older kids (girls?), great shopping. Mongoose Junction has some fun shops that my girls 23 & 27 still love to visit. Beach Bar is great especially on Sunday's @ 4:00 for jazz and sunset. the musicians are very good, it is a great time. We always recommend renting a car, it's easy to drive around the islands and the savings could be significant when compared to taxi's, especially for a family as they charge per person each way. You should look at the fares at the top of this page listed under St. Thomas to get an idea. I have found Discount and Dependable Car Rental companies to have the best rates. You will love the Rtiz and it has some good restaurants right there. You'll get alot more advice I'm sure, enjoy your trip.


Posted : May 24, 2009 6:50 pm
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Sounds like you have done your research. The only thing I have to add is GET a CAR!

Posted : May 25, 2009 12:11 am
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Latitude 18 is a fun night spot and near the Ritz. You and your kids will have a great time. We have always rented a car or Jeep when we're there and have found Dependable Car Rental very helpful and friendly and you can take the vehicle to St John as well. Given the age of your kids they might be interested in learning to Scuba Dive Aqua Action is in the neighborhood. If you rent a vehicle it will give you a great deal of freedom to explore and find all those wonderful beaches and places to eat/drink.

Posted : May 25, 2009 12:31 pm
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Welcome Barbie,

Lot's of great advice posted already. I'd also second renting a car, so many places to see and you can "road trip" while on the island. As the mother of 7 with the 5 oldest over 18 I would remind them to drink lot's of water if they are also going to be drinking alcohol. Another tip is that I would pick up an inexpensive styrofoam or collapsable cooler to pack extra water, drinks and snacks for all of your daytrips to various beaches.

Have a great trip!


Posted : May 25, 2009 12:35 pm
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When we traveled with younger children we would freeze and pack many of their "favorites" and put them in a travel cooler for the flight down. My wife and I were always a lot more adventurous with what we ate but kids tend to like what they like. The cooler then came in very handy on our day trips to the beach etc. And we used it to pack any trinkets that we bought while we were there for the trip back to the states. If you are near a main road and traveling by yourself you can use the dollar taxi but we have been spoiled with the freedom of renting a car or Jeep.

Posted : May 25, 2009 1:03 pm
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I agree, great plans are set into place. Latitude 18 would be a must for sure. Renting a car would truly be your best option. Dependable is a good suggestion, but they close tight at 5 pm, so make sure your arrival flight isn't too close to that time. My favorite car company is Amalie, ALWAYS dependable, there when you arrive, you have your vehicle before your luggage comes out, and impeccable vehicles and service! They do not allow smoking in their cars.
Enjoy! And remember, you will be on Island time!

Posted : May 26, 2009 9:31 am

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