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Next installment car rental, places we hung and things we ate

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Next installment car rental, places we hung and things we ate

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Discount Car Rental:

After getting our beach chairs and heading out of the terminal. I immediately called Discount and they were there within 10 minutes. Good service. Off to their office, which is right at the end of the runway. Sign papers, get in the car. It was a white jeep wrangler 2 door. The only thing that I was disappointed in is we couldn't take the top down. We owned a wrangler and it was never a problem, but this jeep had some kind of turny type bolts that made it impossible to get the top down. Oh well. The jeep cost about 400.00 for the 8 days and that was the cheapest I could find. I would rent from them again. You're able to take the jeep over to STJ, which we did.

Places we hung and ate (keep in mind that we are not big eaters, I like to eat healthy (which we didn't) and I don't like to waste anything)

Duffy's Love Shack - We only went there for a drink. I had a painkiller and husband, beer of course. We tried to go on Tuesday night for Taco Tuesday, but they didn't start that till 9. We're not really late people, so we passed.

Molley's - the best Chef Salad we've ever had. We had it last time we went down and it feeds 2 people with left overts. It's really really good.

Texas Barbeque - In Duffy's Love Shack parking lot. Husband got ribs, one side of pasta salad and a roll, 12.00. I got 1/2 chicken, side of baked macaroni and a roll, 7.00. Good deal. Go early, they run out very fast.

Fungi's at Point Pleasant - This place has a beautiful view. Smack dab right on the water. I got the blackened chicken sandwich, husband got the mahi sandwich....very good. Nice place to just relax and sit back.

Lattitude 18 - We weren't really hungry, but this is a place not to be missed. They have an excellent menu and we just got an appetizer....the garlic shrimp with great bread on the side.

Beach Bar on STJ - If anybody is into sushi, the tuna down now is amazing. I crave it. One of the best things I've ever eaten. Husband had the French Dip and he said it was great. It's a great bar, on the beach and very very nice people. Met Boo and she's a good bartender.

Senior Pizza in Red's ok, but I heard Island Pizza is better from somebody that lives there.

The Marina Market - we went to get a hoagie there for the beach and they are really really good. Easy, cheap (7.50) and we get to eat on the beach!

The Toad and the Tart - I wanted a home cooked meal. Although we are not big eaters, and when we vacation I feel like I'm always stuffed, we decided to pay Anna a visit and head on over. I thought her Shepherds Pie was excellent (would love to have the recipe). I had the 16 bean soup (I thought I was eating healthy :o)). There was so much on her menu that I wanted to try and I'm positive we'll be back. She was so busy in the kitch, or else I thought she was ignoring me :o), but as soon as she was done, she came out and we talked and talked. Hi Holly!! Love her kittens and Anna, when I really get back to normal around here, I will send you something down for your kitties. It was nice meeting you.

Paradise Point - After trying to get up there 2 times, I was determined to go there for sunset. We drove up. I didn't want to take those cars that go up the mountain. What a beautiful view. I have some pictures and I will get to that later. Actually met someone I graduated with from High School. He had an Eagles hat on, and of course, you start talking. They have some great stores up there including the Pirates Chest.

I was looking for Marty that night, but he never showed.....sorry I missed you Marty.

It was all good...the food is more expensive, of course, but we did eat in breakfast and had some lunches on the beach. The one thing that blew me away when we did a little shopping was buying a bag of chips (Lays) that cost 5.79!!!

The other place we hung was under a tree, on Sapphire, drinking some beers and talking, snacking, snorkeling and people watching. That's just the best thing in the world I think. I love people watching.....and of course watching the kids having such a great time. I think that's my favorite part of being in the islands. It's a good thing.

Posted : November 12, 2008 7:31 pm
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Well, you finally made it to the "Toad and Tart"!!! I am glad you had a nice visit with Anna, she is a joy to talk to in person.
Sounds as tho you did quite a bit and even better, the sitting on Sapphire Beach with your honey, drinking and talking, sounds romantic! A nice way to connect.
Couldn't get my sweety to go to Paradise Point, not his cup of tea... was thinkin' of you!
Any pics. to post yet?

Posted : November 13, 2008 9:11 am
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That's ok Sherri, but it was nice. I have some pictures of sunset that are amazing. I'm still trying to figure out some things with those pictures.

We'll get together next time.

Yes, Anna is definetly one of a kind :o)

Posted : November 13, 2008 9:22 am
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Connie -

Hello - Thanks for sharing your trip highlights. One question, if you don't mind...On your jeep from Discount, did the "turny type bolts that made it impossible to get the top down" seem to be a deliberate barrier to top removal, or just an unfortunate fluke? I'm just wondering if this is something they don't wish to allow? For our next trip, I'm thinking "topless" driving would be a nice option.


Posted : November 15, 2008 10:15 am
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Cmom...there was no way we were going to get that top down. And we also thought it was a deterrant. I would call them directly. I wouldn't be surprised if they have some jeeps where you can take the top down easily, but no ours. Our jeep was pretty new, only 4,000 miles on it.

Maybe they're following STJ, because I know alot of the car rental agencies over there will not let you take the jeep down.

Jeeps are a pain anyway....hard ride, tough or near impossible to get in the back seat too.

Posted : November 15, 2008 1:34 pm

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