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Pockwood dump fire

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Pockwood dump fire

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The fire at the pockwood dump on the west end of Tortola bvi has been burning for days now. The smell is noxious & smoke very visible from coral bay St. John. I did a little search & found posts dating back to 2008. 10 years!!! I cannot imagine living on the east end of St. John with this constant, pervasive intrusion. Truly a major health concern for all.
What are the people of St. John saying about this abomination? The smell is a tangle of burning tires, chemicals & who knows what. At the very least it stings the eyes & pervades the house.
This is criminal & I suppose a tangled web of beauocracy but the bottom line is follow the money. Someone is profiting from this ecological disaster.

Posted : May 5, 2017 8:36 pm

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