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Point Pleasant or Secret Harbour?

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Point Pleasant or Secret Harbour?

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Greetings, all! Thank you so much for posting all of the terrific information here on this board. I have been lurking and searching for a few days, and am about ready to book my trip for March, but would really appreciate any input you have on the pros/cons of Point Pleasant and Secret Harbour.

I am 46, female, travelling with my 16 year old daughter for her first trip to the Caribbean. I have only spent a day on St. Thomas while I was staying on St. Croix many years ago. I really like the proximity of the beautiful beach and great reviews at Secret Harbour , but when I read someone else describe it as an "old fogies" resort, I was thinking my daughter will be really bored here with no one to strut around in front of - if you know what I mean. It's also quite a bit more expensive than a comparable unit at Point Pleasant. Point Pleasant, on the other hand seems to have fabulous views - the unit I am looking at is at the top of the hill, but I wonder the hillside construction will make us feel somewhat isolated from the happenings at the resort.

One last question - I found a unit at Point Pleasant that I can book directly with the owner for a great price. The unit looks fabulous - is there any reason I would be better off booking through the resort at a higher price? Am I missing something?

Thanks for any advice!! BTW - I registered as "creekdweller" but the account isn't activated yet.

Posted : September 8, 2006 11:55 am
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New Registrant:

Being partial to Point Pleasant I recommend Point Pleasant.

Having visited Secret Harbor and others we decided to buy a unit at Point Pleasant. I feel it has a resort feel with the extra space that I like. If you want quiet....go to the pools. If you want more activity go to Fungi's. Plus you have Pineapple & Sugar beaches right there and Coki is a short walk away.

I'm surprised to hear that an owner is renting short time periods directly. How do they provide maid service? Do you know what unit it is?

Future Islander

Posted : September 8, 2006 2:40 pm
(@new registrant/ aka "creekdweller")
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Future Islander:

Thanks for your reply. I do not know the unit number, but it is called Lunabella. If you google it, it should come up. Maid service is extra, but since it is just my daughter and I, we really don't need daily maid service. I would, however, want to make certain that I have use of laundry facilities for towels. I also wonder what happens if there is a problem with the unit. I am sure the on-site managers will not be interested in helping. Unless the owners live nearby, it could get interesting. What do you think?

Posted : September 8, 2006 3:06 pm
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Hi creekdweller! Welcome to the forum.

I used to think that SH was an old fogies place, but on our last visit we stopped there for afternoon cocktails one day and I did see plenty of young people on the beach. I think the situation at Sapphire may be driving that crowd over even more now. Others have disagreed with me on this being a favorite place of older people - so my opinion may be in the minority.

I admit that I have not stated at PP, but I do wonder if there are enough "happenings" for you to worry about being isolated from. I think it seems like a very nice place, but not a "happening" kind of resort.

For teens, my opinion is that the best resort to mingle is Frenchman's Reef. If I take teens and we don't stay at the Reef, then end up at the reef anyway - tagging along with others they meet on the beach, etc.

Back to your original ?:
Views will be better at PP than at SH, especially at the top.

You'll have a closer view, at PP, of the pics I show in my report - closer to those isalnds in the distance - but facing that same direction.

You'' also be closer to beaches like Coki (VERY close) and Sapphire, as well as closer to Magens Bay at other favorite Northshore beaches.

SH is closer to Red Hook, if that matters to you. But, PP is fairly close too, so it really shouldn't matter unless you need to walk back or something. I would say that SH is about 5 mins from Red Hook and PP may be 7 minutes - no big deal.

I have not been to the beach at PP, but imagine that SH may be a prettier beach (pretty being subjective, I admit).

Good luck choosing between these two - wonderful options!

Posted : September 8, 2006 3:30 pm
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Thanks Blu! I have loved your posts and really appreciate your advice. Frenchman's Reef is a bit pricey for us, but we'll definitely plan to hang out there a bit. Yes, anything in STT is a wonderful option! Kind of wish I was going with a bigger group so I could rent one of the beautiful villas you photographed. Next TIme!

Posted : September 8, 2006 4:09 pm
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Stayed at Point Pleasant in May on top of hill. Great views from our unit but make sure you will be on top floor of hilltop units. we had three units with only one on top floor which provided beautiful views. rent a car and once you get to that side of island it is very easy to get around Red Hook and take back way to Magens. If you want to splurge for a special meal go to Agave at the resort. Best meal all week, view to die for, service exceptional.

Posted : September 8, 2006 5:45 pm
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I looked at the web site you provided. The unit is a typical PP one bedroom unit. From the pictures it looks like it is on top of the hill. However, it is not a "top" unit. The top units have cathedral ceilings. This unit has a flat ceiling which means it could be on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level, which is still good. And yes, the views are incredible.

The price seems right. For your contact or the owner's association manager.

There is a coin operated laundry on the property.

We rent ours through the rental pool managed by Antilles Resorts.



Posted : September 8, 2006 8:44 pm
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I think your daughter will be more isolated at Point Pleasant than she would be at Secret Harbor - and her interests seemed almost paramount in your post. The way the Point Pleasant property is laid out - she really won't have too many folks to "strut around in front of". SH is a great place in my book if you are looking to experience the Caribbean and not just perch on a hilltop looking out over it. Live life - get to the beach and into the water!

Secret Harbor would be my choice.

Posted : September 8, 2006 10:14 pm
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If your 16 year old is looking for beach volleyball, jet skis and kareoke, why not look at Bolongo? If she doesn't mind a quiet environment- a read a book on the beach kind of place- then Secret Harbour might be okay. It is definitely not a party place. Point Pleasant has lots of watersports, day sails, etc if that is of interest.

Posted : September 9, 2006 8:23 am
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EE, I agree with your advice about Bolongo. I hadn't thought to mention Bolongo, but for a teen I think Bolongo is a good option.

I have been there on karaoke night and it was packed with the younger crowd (18 - 25 or so), and the pool there is always lively.

Minf you, it isn't a fancy place and I don't want to place it in the same accomodation category as PP or SH, but if activity for the 16 yr old is paramount, and you aren't up to spending the bucks for the Reef or Ritz (two teen places that seem to attract families with teens), then Bolongo would be a good option to consider.

Posted : September 9, 2006 11:51 am

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