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Scammed by Taxi Driver

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Scammed by Taxi Driver

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Was scammed by a taxi driver license number 0782 from Independent Taxi Association (774-0394) in St Thomas - he agreed to take my wife and I to the banana dacari/rum bar mountain store for $45 for both of us round trip. He also took an older couple to the cruise terminal in the same truck. He claimed the didn’t pay him enough and threatened them with arrest and called a policeman over who was not helping the cab driver rip off the people and they left. We got to the mountain bar/store and were getting back in and the driver said we had to pay him $90 usd before going down the mountain - we argued and he threatened us with calling the police. We told him no and started walking down from the mountain and he followed us with his truck and said he called the police on us. Ended up getting back in and going to the bottom of the mountain - hopped out when he was stopped at a sign and gave him $45 as originally agreed. Got out early because we did not know if he was taking us where we were supposed to be dropped off at.

Posted : December 3, 2023 3:12 am

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