Should I take the r...

Should I take the risk of traveling to US Virgin Islands during the middle of August?  

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Found cheap tickets to fly to St. Thomas and the Airbnb units are cheaper than the AirBnb in Turks And Caicos.

From my understanding that’s the middle of hurricane season and although a massive hurricane striking is not very likely statically, I am worried about constant overcast scattered showers and hardly any sun.

I plan to stay 7 days in the middle of August. Is it worth the risk?

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Yes, you always have the chance of stormy weather at that time of year. A good reason to get trip insurance.

On another note this is my favorite time of the year, the water is warm and calm. Normally great snorkeling because the seas are calm. Also a lot fewer tourist, the islands beaches have a more secluded feeling.

I vote yes for a vacation in August.

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