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Some bad experiences on my trip

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Some bad experiences on my trip

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I made my 12 th trip to the VI last year. Obviously, I like it there but here is a ,hopefully, polite critique of my experience this trip.
The taxi drivers were nothing but, how should I say, crooks. Maybe it is the economy but they will squeeze every dime out of you. Many times we took taxis and settled on a fare before we entered the vehicle. Didn't work. Even a fanny pack or a small self carried camera case would be counted as a bag and was an extra fee. Above and beyond what we agreed to. Even a driver who said ,"I know what you are going thru" ended up to be a pain on the trip to the Island View. Waited for the police once but... ya!!! I could go on about taxis but you get the idea. Also, it seems there is no longer any nightlife on the VI. Downtown shut up like a High School lockdown at 9 o'clock. Was told several times by proprietors it was because of the "trouble". Whether you like it or not, each one said it was racial trouble.
Maybe you who live there like it closed but not much fun for tourists. Hopefully this won't continue.

Posted : October 20, 2012 3:00 am
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Sorry you had a bad experience.
Renting a car is always more cost and time effective than taking taxi's. I always recommend renting a car for a guests vacation here in the islands as then you can come and go as you please, when you please as well as visiting off the beaten track locations should you desire.
Night life in relatively safe environments can be had in Frenchtown as well as Red Hook locations. Something to consider for your next trip!
It's sad that our once thriving night life in down town, Charlotte Amalie has been allowed to die due to crime.

Posted : October 20, 2012 12:52 pm
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I agree with Alana, rent a vehicle the next time you come and you will find that your visit will be that much more enjoyable.
As for night life, we still have many places that are popular. Starz, and again, out east there are quite a few places.
Hope you enjoyed yourself otherwise and hope to see you visit again! 😎

Posted : October 22, 2012 4:24 pm
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