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The best Cajun food and great music on St. Thomas.

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The best Cajun food and great music on St. Thomas.

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I thought I knew Gumbo; I make 5 different types plus other cajun dishes, but Cajun Mary's Riverboat Lounge has me beat. The chicken & andoille sausage gumbo is great. The shrimp creole makes you think that you've gone to heaven and are sitting with Justin Walker ("I guaaaarantee!). Last night they had Guitar Scotty on The Blues (Stevie Ray Vaughn to Hendricks) and he blue the house down. They told me that they are having a jam session on Sun. 1/22/06 and nationally reknowned folk singer Patti DeRosa and Tracy Clark on Feb. 1st. Connie and I had a great time and Sean and Simon treated us great. We'll be back again and again. They're opn from 5pm untill midnight and are located in Saga Haven Marina on an old minuture riverboat (used to called "Puzzles" from what they told me).

Posted : January 15, 2006 12:54 pm
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Hmm, since they JUST opened, you wouldn't be advertising would you? 😉

Posted : January 15, 2006 2:51 pm

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