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Three twenty-four year olds moving to St. Croix

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Three twenty-four year olds moving to St. Croix

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I'm sure this type of situation has been discussed ad nauseum throughout this forum but I would really like to have some direct contact with some people about my questions/comments/concerns in relation to relocating to the USVI (specifically St. Croix or St John). The main question I have is, how feasible it that three twenty-three year olds could support themselves on one of those two islands?? As for some reference, we are all college graduates(University of Kansas, University of Dayton, & Pitt State University) that are gainfully employed and have extensive work backgrounds in everything from the food service and bartending to various sectors of the financial industry. Point being, we would be willing to do ANY TYPE of labor that would allow us to afford a three bedroom residence in a safe area somewhat near our job. Is that something that is even possible?? I understand that due to the struggling economy finding work anywhere is going to be difficult but is it going to be so bad that three people with above adequate education and employment backgrounds would be unable to make enough money to support themselves on the bare minimum?? And I do mean we are prepared to live on the bare minimum. We have read all the forums about how it is way different than on the main land when it comes to every day conveniences and we are more than prepared. We are looking to spend around $650 dollars a month a piece and would be willing to double bunk in one room to gain easier access to the beach or proximity to our employment (so whatever $1950/mo would afford us for a 2BR). Our main reason for this relocation is to be happy. We are all miserable in our current situations and have more or less lived in Kansas our whole lives. We don't want to do what our parents did which was get married too young, have kids and get bogged down with responsibility too early. Any, and I mean ANY information, knowledge, or tidbit of information you think three boys looking to move to the USVI would benefit from knowing, please please share. Any references for housing or employment would also be MUCH MUCH appreciated. Thank you again everyone and I hope you aren't tired of answering these questions!!!

Posted : August 13, 2013 12:44 am
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When you say you've read "all the forums", does that include the relocation forum here? You've posted on the visitor's forum when there's a whole unique site here dedicated to people just like you. Go over to the relocation forum (see link upper right this page) and read through all the general information available there in the pull-down menus, from left to right, to get an idea of what living here is all about. There's a lot of information to digest but this is the only p;lace you'll find it all under one roof! When you're done reading that, go through the forum and you'll find tons more information. Good luck!

Posted : August 13, 2013 6:29 am

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