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Trip Report 5/10/08-5/24/08 final edition

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Trip Report 5/10/08-5/24/08 final edition

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On Sunday we went on a snorkeling trip with Magens Pte Resort. Was a great deal. For $50 per person had lunch, trip to Christmas Cove snorkeling and a sight seeing trip on the way back. Dave brought our underwater case for my camera but forgot the silicone to seal it. None of the dive shops had any. Luckily the capt of the boat had some and we did get some good pictures. (

On Monday we all went to St John. We took the car ferry. This is the 1st time we have done this, have always rented a car on St John. This was really easy and a great way to get around. Thanks to the posters on this board, I'm glad we did always had a problem finding a car for just one day and was not cheap. We stopped at Coral Bay for breakfast. Went on a search for silicone. My husband ran into 2 guys at the bar whom happened to be plumbers and offered us the silicone we needed. Couldn't believe our luck. Only in the VI! We then went on to Cinnamon then Trunk. My son got his favorite shark bites at Woodys and then we headed back on the 7:00 pm ferry. Had a great day and none of the beaches seemed to be crowded.

Tues. night was the forum party at the Toad and Tart. Anna outdid herself. She's such a sweetie! The food was great. We met a lot of nice people including Molly and her crew. Had a great time. Sorry more forum members couldn't attend.

Met Sherri and got a tour of Rockworks. Is really pretty. She and Jeff have done a lot of work and it shows. Is nice to have friends on island to visit when you come down. Reminds me of when my sister and I were kids and my dad would teach at UVI in the summers and we would hang out with the adults. Now we have our own friends to hang out with.

Wed. went to Paradise Pt for the sunset party. Is still $5 instead of $18.00 after 5:00pm on wed only. You have to show a room key to show you are on island. Had a good time and watched the cruise ships leave.

Thursday we did our last min shopping in the morning then headed to Magens Bay and of course Udder Delight. Thursday night we had a nice dinner at my dads friends house in Dorthea area.

Friday just went to Magens and chilled for the day knowing it was our last day and dreading the packing and back to reality.

Sat-check out went smooth no problems. Jammed all our luggage and people into 2 cars, and headed to the airport. We left on 3 different flights. One at 12, 2 and 3pm. 5 of us were on the 2pm flight so Dave & I left the kids and luggage and went back to subway to pick up lunch. Worked out well if you have time since it's a long time till 11 pm without food.

Now for the problem with Dulles. We stopped there on our way to Detroit. We sat for 45 min without the luggage being loaded, until the pilot got off the plane to find out why no one was there to load luggage. Needless to say our liquor never showed up. United said it made it to Dulles. Let's see if they reimburse me I sent a copy of my receipt . My nephew got his liquor at Regan, my stepmother got hers in Seattle but one bottle was broken, and my brother got his in Seattle OK. I think from now on we will put ours in our luggage. We only got 5 bottles and that was between 5 of us.

All n all we had a great 2 weeks in Stt. I miss it already but am planning next years trip. I hope I have helped with questions some of you might have.

Tip: take car ferry to St John
rent a car with Hot-wire
Beaches-STT- Sapphire, Magens Bay, Bluebeard's St John-Trunk and Cinnamon
Restaurants-Toad & Tart, Hook Line & Sinker, Indigo, Texas BBQ, Tickles and Green House
Udder delight-great soda's
For Fun-St John Woody's

Posted : June 13, 2008 9:53 pm
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