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Vacation Report - Elysian

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Vacation Report - Elysian

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We spent last week at the Elysian Resort on Cowpet Bay. After I received such good advise from others here, I wanted to let y'all know how our vacation went. We started out with flight delays and lost luggage. That small shot of rum greeting upon arrival at the airport was greatly appreciated by that point. LOL

I've read very mixed reviews about the Elysian resort and am happy to say that the resort is lovely. Great landscaping, restaurants and assistance with booking excursions. Our room was small, with a Murphy bed, and I was worried it would be terrible. In fact, it was newly renovated with a full kitchen, marble counters, cooking supplies and the like. The floors and shower are tiled, all new dark wood furniture and a flat screen tv. The bed turned out to be very comfortable.

Of course we were placed in building Z, the furthest possible away from the beach and pool. Yes, it is quite a little hike up and down stairs to get there but we managed just fine, even with my bum knee. Our condo was on ground level though which helped alot. The balcony view was pleasant but with only one small glimpse of ocean. The pool is very nice but be aware they are closing it down for the month of May for renovations.

I planned to do a lot of snorkeling and was pleasantly surprised to find decent snorkeling right there off the beach. Stick to the left side along the rocks. It's fairly shallow and probably doesn't stack up against other locations but I was perfectly happy with it and saw lots of fish. I liked it better than the locations on the snorkel trip.

We took an all day sail/snorkel trip and a second evening/sunset sail with New Horizons and completely enjoyed both. Spent an evening in Red Hook and an afternoon at Yacht Haven and Havensight. Another half day downtown walking around was okay but it was rainy and we got a good soaking. Much of my time was spent on the beach since shopping really wasn't high on my priority list.

The forecast was for chance of rain every single day we were there. We had showers 3-4 days but they never lasted long. Midweek was cloudy and grey for a couple of days but that just helped to keep the temp down a bit and made it better for walking and shopping. So don't fret if the forecast looks rainy. Just duck into a shop or bar for a few minutes till it passes.

We decided to skip a rental car and use the taxis. We never had trouble with getting a taxi anywhere we went. We used the same 3 drivers much of the time, just calling them when we were ready to be picked up. It worked out well for us as I didn't want to drive those roads and we didn't have to worry about drinking and driving issues.

All in all, the Elysian is a nice resort and we had a great time in St Thomas. It was 82 degrees when we left and we arrived home to 36 degrees. 🙁

Posted : April 18, 2011 1:15 pm
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Nice trip report, thanks for sharing.

Posted : April 18, 2011 3:47 pm
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Thank You for sharing. I stayed there once, years ago before it went time share- right after hurricane Bertha. At the time it was being offered by USAir Vacations in the list of resorts being part of a package deal with airfare. The office of the Virgin Island Bobsled Team was located on site there. I still have the T-shirt of the same name.

Posted : April 19, 2011 11:37 am

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