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Verizon plan on island  


New Member
Joined: 11 months  ago
Posts: 2
November 25, 2017 8:31 am  

This topic has probably been discussed before but we're leaving on the 15th and wanted the latest update. What does everyone do as far as cell phone coverage go? I have a 1400 min/unlimited text/10GB of data plan per month. I don't plan to make any calls down there and will probably wait until I get to the villa to use any data but does the texting follow your domestic plan? Should I call and change anything?

Thank you so much!

The Islander
Island Expert Admin
Joined: 18 years  ago
Posts: 3878
December 27, 2017 11:21 pm  

@jensenbreck, you should call them and check on your plan and find out about any extra charges that might be incurred using the phone in the USVI. Verizon is not a regular service provider here; ATT and Sprint are. Your Verizon phone will very likely work, as others have said their's worked in the past, but it will work on another providers tower so its possible you will pay more for those minutes and data because its roaming. Call Verizon to see what they say and to find out if there are any plan adjustments you could make to cover the time you are on island. 

Active Member
Joined: 8 years  ago
Posts: 12
December 28, 2017 3:50 pm  

I would like to hear from Verizon customers too.  I'm coming January for two months and want to have correct plan.  In past years, I have purchased the $40/month international plan for 100 minutes talk, 100 texts and 100 MB of data and I've had no additional charges.  (A $85 plan is also available for international calls, etc. - for 250 minutes/texts/data.)  I have also used the Pay As You Go plan for short-term stays.  I've never been charged extra for using Sprint or other USVI towers.     I have no idea what to expect this year.

Ansen liked
Eminent Member
Joined: 5 years  ago
Posts: 34
December 29, 2017 10:51 am  

I have Verizon and it never really worked on the islands.  I bought a Trac phone specifically to use in the USVI and it worked very well.  I just have inform all my friends and family back home to use my other phone number if they need to get a hold of me.  I also put the number on the voice mail message on my Verizon phone.  Love the Trac phone for just phone calls.  No monthly Fee and they always have deals on buying minutes.


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