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Visiting St.Croix

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We are planning to visit St.Croix in mid Sept. and are thinking about staying at Cottages by the Sea. We are very simple want no frills just clean friendly and safe surroundings. They are offering a special of stay 3 , get 3 free. Anyone have any comments?


Posted : August 28, 2009 9:33 pm
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Great location. You will need a car.

Posted : August 29, 2009 7:52 am
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Cottages is in a nice west end location, south, pretty close to Sandy Point - check if Sandy Point is going to be open when you are there (closes in mid-April for turtle nesting, usually). Next door you will have Sandcastles on the Beach for a close-by restuarant option, up the street a bit you will have the pier and the restaurants and other beaches along Strand Street and further north on 63. You will be right off Route 70 so you will have a pretty easy trip east to C'Sted and the east end beaches and restaurants. Definitely rent a car- a small sedan is fine, no need for a 4WD. We always use Centerline.

Good resources for planning:

Posted : August 29, 2009 12:41 pm
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Thank you for your quick responses and good information. Looking forward to our visit.....

Posted : August 29, 2009 2:30 pm
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Sandy Point will be open by mid-September. Just don't put any umbrellas in the sand or dig around because there are still turtle nests incubating there. We had a big season this year!

Posted : August 29, 2009 9:32 pm
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Beautiful beach right outside your room. The best sunsets on the island. Relax and enjoy!

Posted : August 30, 2009 7:53 pm

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