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Arrived at 4 pm ...went right over to Avis counter...was told we would get a car but we will have wait an hour by an older woman named Estella who was very rude and unfriendly ...I thought bit to long but ok it’s “island time!” ... I am on got a frozen Strawberry Colada and waited...Then as the HOURS past I waited in total disbelief...IT TOOK 4 HOURS TO GET A CAR! ....YES ... 4 HOURS ...with little apology ... reason “they were understaffed” .... OOOPPSSS!
I found out from other local venders this is “NORMAL” for this location...I certainly won’t let this ruin my trip but felt an obligation to fellow travelers to give a warning DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM AVIS!...we had drive in the pitch dark over the mountain to get to our Airbnb ...very scary...oh almost forgot we went with Avis because price was cheaper than other rental just to find out the price did not include an additional 11 1/2 % tax charge ... so CHEAP CAR AT AVIS NOT SO CHEAP! I don’t ever write bad reviews but Avis earned rating 1-5 would be an all round “0”

Posted : January 17, 2021 5:00 am
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I 100% agree

This Avis is my worst experience in over 10 years of renting.

My reservation was cancelled. I’ve never had a reservation due to a two hour cancellation policy and never heard of it. I’ve not been able to find this policy anywhere in my reservation or the links provided in my reservation. Unfortunately it seemed everyone who was in my flight and rented from Avis was a victim of this policy.

I was told there were no more cars. That was it. So after finding my own reservation and proving they actually cancelled my reservation, I was told they might have a Nissan Versa. I rented a Nissan Rogue for $544.94. My only option was the Versa for $700. I asked if they would honor my discount code or my Presidents circle status. I was told that since my reservation was cancelled they couldn’t honor my discount code and that they would add my wizard number. Of course my wizard was NOT added to my reservation resulting in additional charges for my extra driver, my husband.

I tried again in return to work something out but I got the same callous, non-empathetic attitude.

Please note every customer was going through the same experience. Not one persons reservation as far as I could tell was kept.

I suggest Avis break ties completely with this location, it’s a scar on your brand - one in loyal to in the U.S. and abroad.

I will never rent from Avis in the Virgin Islands again!


Posted : January 9, 2024 8:51 pm

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