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Watergate Villas (Bolongo Beach) or Sapphire Condo?

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Watergate Villas (Bolongo Beach) or Sapphire Condo?

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Hi everyone! I have been reading every post I can find about places to stay on St. Thomas. I have narrowed it down to these two places thanks to all of your posts. I am torn. Which do I choose? My husband, myself and my sons (8 and 14 yrs) will be visiting the island for the first time over Christmas this year. I will also be turning the big "40", so I want this to be super special!! For the past few years, we have rented a villa on the Riviera Maya. We had snorkeling out our front door and a pool-NO BIG CROWDS, but driving/walking distance to beach restaurants/bars. We like this atmosphere.

From what I have read Sapphire seems to have the snorkeling, but I have to admit I am worried about the lack of beach bar and restaurant. Also what activities are at this beach for our children? A post on this message board cautioned that he had visited Sapphire this month, and "it was dead, no one around". We want peace, but I was hoping our kids might meet some friends to entertain them on this trip.

Watergate Villas have a lot of great reviews (restaurants and rental equipment available), but I am worried it may be too busy with jet skis, etc. Do you have to rent a chair at the resort, or are there beach chairs at this condo? I know this is a lot to ask, just trying to find that balance of fun and peaceful relaxation. Any help would be great!

Posted : February 22, 2009 10:26 pm
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you'll have a great time at watergate ... there are 3 great places to eat, and several nice pools .... your access to the beachtoys at bolongo depend on whether you rent from them or directly from a watergate owner - some owners have agreements with bolongo, but it would be best if you checked this out before reserving ... you will need a car, but it is a short ride to red hook, tutu, and back to town or havensite ... enjoy your trip!

Posted : February 23, 2009 10:33 am
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Christmas week is "usually" very busy you should have "crowds".

Watergate is more a residential condo setting than a resort (we looked at buying at Sea Cliff, next door to Watergate, but opted for the Point Pleasant Resort since it offered 2 restaurants, 3 pools, beach, etc.) will have a walk (or drive) to the beach & restaurants from Watergate.

Sapphire consists of 3 types of condos: Sapphire Beach (directly on the beach), Sapphire Marina and Sapphire Village (top of the hill). The Sapphire beach units are more like hotel rooms with a kitchenette. There (currently) is a small snack stand between buildings B & C that sells burgers, fries & drinks (pretty good food).....but you'll want to rent a car anywhere you stay on-island (taxis are very expensive). Also, Red Hook is very close by for lots of restaurants.

Suggest that you reserve your rental car now....if you wait too long they made not be available.

Hope this helps.


Posted : February 23, 2009 11:00 am

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