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What can you carry on the ferry vs "baggage"?

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What can you carry on the ferry vs "baggage"?

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We are staying on St. Thomas near Red Hook and plan on taking the passenger ferry a couple of times to get to St. John. I am mostly concerned with our snorkel duffle bag. Can we bring it on the ferry with us or do we have to check it in with luggage and risk getting our new masks and snorkels smashed by someones heavy suitcase? What else can we bring on vs through in a heap of luggage? I can't imagine a lady giving up her purse. Do I just bring a really big purse and put our masks in there? I am assumming that a camera or video camera bag would not have to be checked? What about a backpack, lunch cooler, Beach chairs and/or beach umbrella? Has anyone else dragged this stuff on the ferry with them? How did it work out?

Posted : January 24, 2006 11:48 am
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When I have taken the ferry over with my snorkel bag, I keep it with me. I haven't ever been charged extra for it. If your snorkel bag is large enough, I would suggest putting the camera bag inside, just for ease of carrying. I haven't taken a beach chair over..ever. Mainly because I don't want to lug anything to Solomon on the 30-45 minute walk. There is usually enough shade there not to have to worry about taking an umbrella. I usually take a bedsheet as opposed as a towel to lie on - they dry fairly fast when they get wet. As for a cooler - I guess it depends on which beach you are planning on going to - and what sort of a walk to expect. My little 8-pack soft cooler works well, but then again it's all dependent on which beach.

Now - I haven't been over in a couple of months, and as with other strange things on this island, the ferry people may change their minds on a daily basis as to what bags to charge for. Life in Paradox 🙂

Posted : January 24, 2006 12:27 pm
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On Wed of this week (Red Hook to Cruz Bay) we kept both our smaller roller bag and a duffle bag. Just one guy there, not pressing the issue - if you wanted to check you could.

Going back on Sat, we will likely give them the 2 bags as they seem more organized on this end.

Weather great here today, water fine as well.

Posted : January 24, 2006 4:33 pm

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