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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and looking to get updates for 2018 visit!!!  

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It's great to be back on this forum. It's been a while a few years since my last visit and as many USVI lovers I was sad to hera of all the damage done to this paradise. I have read a few posts to try and gage how things are progressing in St John in particular but would like more recent info. Can anyone tell me what is up and running and if February or March might be too soon to visit? What are the conditions of the beaches and how much more expensive and difficult to get are food and basic supplies? I know things are getting better but want to see if it's too soon to visit with my family. We love this place and want to retun so bad. Thank you for your time and information!

Posted : December 28, 2017 3:42 pm
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Hello redliner, 

Welcome back. Your enthusiasm for St. John and to get back made me smile. It was great news last week when the National Park announced that all beaches, trails, sites and roads were open within the Park on St. John. There are boat charters and other activities, restaurants, stores that are open. We are trying to put notes on the activities with the status, and the same on our restaurant guide and accommodations pages. Did you want to know the status of specific businesses that you used in the past? Access to food and basic supplies has been ok. For planning your February or March visit, would recommend you start looking for accommodations now. This might be the biggest challenge for some time. Some properties were badly damaged including the two big resorts, Caneel and Westin. Additionally, at the moment, relief workers occupy a lot of the available rooms at properties that did OK, and also some are staying at home/villa rentals. 

Posted : December 28, 2017 6:10 pm
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I also am looking for updates.  Pre-Hurricanes, I booked flights for my gf and I to visit St Thomas/ St John for 6 days starting March 1 2018.  I'm having a tough time deciding if I should keep said flights and move ahead with booking hotels/reservations, or if I should cancel my trip all together.  How is cell/internet service?  Why are hotels currently so expensive?  Any recommendations/ info is much appreciated!  

Posted : January 3, 2018 5:41 pm
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You'll have to look at the various vacation rentals websites.

STJ hotels were severely impacted by hurricane Irma so you really don't have hotel options as Islander mentioned.

I can recommend Star Villas.

340 244 0006 cell #


You'll have to use their cell phones to contact as as while STJ has made remarkable recovery, the majority of of landlines for businesses, government offices and residential services have to still be restored. 

However, it's warm and sunny with lots of wonderful beaches to explore.


Good Luck!


Posted : January 3, 2018 7:42 pm
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