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Carnival and Festival Themes

The biggest annual event in the U.S. Virgin Islands is Carnival. On St. Thomas it’s called VI Carnival, on St. John it’s the St. John Festival and on St. Croix the Crucian Christmas Festival. The celebrations on each island occur at different times of year. Each has unique characteristics but overall they share many similarities.  One such similarity is a Carnival or Festival Theme. Each year almost right after one big fete has ended, comes the announcement that the Carnival and/or Festival committee is seeking submissions for next year’s theme. The theme typically includes some reference to the historical, cultural, musical or enjoyment factor of Carnival, and the year. Take a look at the last 14 years of Carnival and Festival themes below; perhaps think about a good theme for next year’s events!

2018 Embrace our culture, music, and cuisine for Carnival 2018
2017 We Ga’ Festival Fever!A Centennial Commemoration for our 65th Carnival CelebrationThe Present and Past in Ways Never Foreseen for St. John Festival 2017
2016Honoring 100 Years of our Centennial Past, Embracing our Present and Future to LastNothing is More Fabulous than Carnival in St. ThomasHistory and Sights Unseen the St. John Festival 2016
2015Past, Present & Future Scenes, St. Croix Carnival 2015-2016Culture to the Extreme, V.I. Carnival 2015Come together culturally on the scene for St. John Festival 2015
2014A Majestic Scene for Crucian Christmas Carnival 2014-2015The Biggest Fete Ever Seen, Carnival 2014A Grande Diamond Jubilee for St. John Festival 2014 Anniversary
2013All Ah We Are Carnival: 2013-2014A Tropical Scene for Carnival 2013Come & Explore the Cultural Scene for Festival 2013
2012Live the Dream, Music, Mas & History Cruician Christmas Festival 60th AnniversaryA Celebration for the World to See, St. Thomas Carnival’s 60th AnniversaryPlay Mas, Jump Up and Enjoy Yourselves for Festival 2012
2011Celebrate the Crucian Carnival Flavor for Festival 2011-2012Let Our Cultural Spirit Enliven Carnival 2011An Astronomical and Cultural Splendor in Heaven for Festival 2011
2010Play Mas, 1st Class!Bacchanal Again for 2010Enjoy our Cultural & Musical Trend for Festival 2010
2009See, Believe, Xperience It 2009-2010 FestivalEchoes Through Time for Carnival 2009Come Jingle and Unwind for Festival 2009
2008Showcasing Cultural Ties that Bind, Crucian Christmas Festival 2008-2009A Cultural Escape for Carnival 2008Jump Up & Congregate for Festival 2008
2007Culture, History and Tradition remain on the slate for Festival 2007-200855 Years of Culture, Mas & Rhythm for Carnival 2007A Cultural Blend for Festival 2007
2006Celebrating our Heritage with A Cultural Blend for Festival 2006-2007Glamour and Glitz for Carnival 2006Mas, Music & Cultural Mix for Festival 2006
2005A Global Mix of Cultures, Sounds and Lyrics for Festival 2005-2006Carnival is Alive in 2005Cultural and Music Will Strive for Festival 2005
2004Sashay to the Rhythm of Our Cultural Vibes, for Festival 2004-2005Journey through a Cultural Door for Carnival 2004A Golden Extravaganza Galore for Festival 2004
2003Glitz, Glamour, Music & More, Celebrating Festival 2003-2004Music, Mas and Pageantry for Carnival 2003Fun, Splendor & Harmony for Festival 2003
2002A Golden Spree For the World to See, It’s Crucian Festival 2002-2003A Cultural Roogoodoo for Carnival 2002A Salute to America with a Cultural Stroomoo for Festival 2002
2001A Little Bit of Old – and All That’s New for Crucian Festival 2001-2002A Fantasia of Fun for Carnival 2001Heritage, Culture and Fun for Festival 2001
2000Memories of Our Cultural Past, A Solid Foundation for Our FutureJump and Sway, It’s Carnival for Y2KDawn of a New Day for Festival Y2K

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