Category: Nature

Ginger Thomas

Flowers of the Virgin Islands

Flora in the USVI is quite memorable. You will find bright yellows, pinks, reds, purples, oranges… truly a rainbow of colors that bloom from various


Local Fruit – Genips

A community member recently asked on the Message Board; “what are those small green fruits”? We figured other visitors might want to know too.


The Queen Conch

On a recent visit to Lameshur Bay on St. John, I sat enjoying the scenery when I noticed a snorkeler get out of the water



  A dance, joined they slowly move together, their heads touch… sounds romantic doesn’t it? This is seahorse courtship, and it’s just the beginning! If


Local Fruit – Tamarind

A few years ago while visiting Estate Whim Plantation on St. Croix; where there is a large tamarind tree growing in the field, I noticed

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