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Carnival Parade

Below you will find the carnival schedule for St. Thomas Carnival (April/May) and the schedules for St. John Celebration (June/July) and St. Croix Crucian Christmas Festival (December/January).

St. Thomas Carnival Schedule

VI Carnival in St. Thomas is usually a month-long event that kicks off with a variety of pageants and calypso shows and then heats up in the last week with partying at the Village, J’ouvert, Food Fair, parades, and fireworks.

Carnival in St. Thomas is on with some of the annual favorites like the Food Fair, J’ouvert, concerts at the Village, and the Children’s Parade and Adult’s Parade. See the schedule below for more details:

april 2023

sat08apr4:00 pmPrince and Princess4:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

sat15apr8:00 pmQueen Show8:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

fri21apr6:00 pmJunior Calypso6:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

sat22apr8:00 pmCalypso Monarch8:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

sun23apr11:00 amBoat & Car Show11:00 am(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

sun23apr4:00 pmPanorama4:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

mon24aprAll Daysat29Opening of Kelly "Pupa Kelly" Charleswell Musical Arena(All Day)(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

mon24apr7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: Express Band | Spectrum | Machel Montano | ShawHp & PascalENDLESS WUK7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

tue25apr6:00 pmSteel Pan & Teen Tramp6:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

tue25apr7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: Xtreme Band | Pupa Kelly Tribute Band | Cool Session Brass | Jam BandBANG-A-LANG – GREEK NIGHT (PUPA KELLY NIGHT OF HONORARY DEDICATION)7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

wed26apr10:00 amSt. Thomas Food Fair10:00 am(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

wed26apr6:00 pmQuelbe Tramp6:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

wed26apr7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: Red Lion Sounds | Joyceline Beroard | Goyo & Frank Reyes | VIBE | Asa Banton & Triple KaySOFRITO – INT’L NIGHT7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

thu27apr6:00 amJ'ouvert6:00 am(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

thu27apr7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: Bugz & Blind Earz | Monea | Mic Love | Adam O | Pumpa | KarnageLOCAL ADDIKSHUN – REP VI FLAG7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

fri28apr12:00 pmChildrens Parade12:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

fri28apr7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: Reggae Dynasty | Dezarie | King Lion | Romaine Virgo | ShenseeaPURE VIBES – ALL WHITE NIGHT7:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

sat29apr10:00 amAdults Parade10:00 am(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

sat29apr9:00 pmFireworks9:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

sat29apr9:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: Klimaxx Band | Avalanche | Lyrikal & Blind Earz | Bunji Garlin & FayAnn Lyons | GrandmastersHARD FETE – GLOW NIGHT9:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. ThomasCategoryCarnival

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St. John Celebration Schedule

St. John Celebration is a month-long event that starts with steel pan performances and pageants and builds up to the week of July 3rd (Emancipation Day) and the 4th (Independence Day). That final week is party time with the big events: the Celebration Village, the Food Fair and the parade.

Schedule: The St. John Celebration will include the following events: J’ouvert, Food Fair with local chefs showing how traditional dishes are prepared, a historical dialogue on emancipation, and musical events. See the upcoming schedule below.

june 2023

sat10jun4:00 pmSt. John PAN-O-RAMA4:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

sat17jun6:00 pmSt. John Royalty Pageant6:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

sun18jun1:00 pmSt. John Children's VillageConey Island1:00 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

sun25jun1:00 pmSt. John Food Fair & Coronation1:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

sun25jun3:00 pmSt. John Boat Races3:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

thu29jun(jun 29)6:30 pmtue04jul(jul 4)11:30 pmSt. John Village OpeningDrinker's Paradise 'Ville(june 29) 6:30 pm - (july 4) 11:30 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

thu29jun7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: RVP BAND | ADAM O | KES THE BAND | KLIMAX7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

fri30jun7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: WIRE TO WIRE | JOHN GOTTI | SPECTRUM | SHAL MARSHALL | VOICE | XPRESS BAND7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

july 2023

thu29jun(jun 29)6:30 pmtue04jul(jul 4)11:30 pmSt. John Village OpeningDrinker's Paradise 'Ville(june 29) 6:30 pm - (july 4) 11:30 pm(GMT-03:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

sat01jul5:00 amSt. John Jouvert5:00 am(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

sat01jul7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: VIO INT’L | COOL SESSION | R. CITY | OMG7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

sun02jul7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: FUSION BAND | SIGNAL BAND | KARNAGE | JAM BAND7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

mon03jul10:00 amEmancipation Day Cultural Display175th Anniversary of Emancipation10:00 am(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

mon03jul1:00 pmSlavery Emancipation Program175th Anniversary of Emancipation1:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

mon03jul7:00 pmSt. John TORCH LIGHT PARADE7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

mon03jul7:00 pmCARNIVAL VILLAGE – MUSIC: JAHMAN | PRESSURE | KOFFEE | THIRD WORLD7:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

tue04jul11:00 amSt. John Celebration Parade11:00 am(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival


tue04jul9:00 pmSt. John Celebration FIREWORKSCelebration Fireworks9:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. JohnCategoryCarnival

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St. Croix Crucian Christmas Festival Schedule

St. Croix hosts its Carnival Festival between Christmas and the New Year. The Crucian Christmas Carnival sees events in both Christiansted and Frederiksted, including Calypso shows, a Latin music night, Food Fair, J’ouvert, parades, and the Festival Village.

december 2023

tue26dec8:00 pmPrince, Princess, Duchess, Dukes, & Jr. Miss Pageant8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

wed27dec8:00 pmSt. Croix Calypso Monarch8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

thu28dec8:00 pmMiss St. Croix Festival Queen Pageant8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

fri29decAll Daysat06janFestival Village(All Day)(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

fri29dec8:00 pmSt. Croix Festival International Night8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

sat30dec8:00 pmSoca Monarch8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

sun31dec10:00 amSt. Croix Festival New Years Eve Celebration10:00 am(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

january 2024

fri29decAll Daysat06janFestival Village(All Day)(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

mon01jan8:00 pmSt. Croix Festival Latin Night8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

tue02jan8:00 pmSt. Croix Festival Ladies Night8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

wed03jan10:00 amwed4:00 pmSt. Croix Food Fair10:00 am - 4:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

wed03jan8:00 pmSt. Croix Festival Soca Night8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

thu04jan5:00 amSt. Croix J'ouvert5:00 am(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

thu04jan8:00 pmSt. Croix Festival Reggae Night8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

fri05jan10:00 amChildren's Parade10:00 am(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

fri05jan8:00 pmSt. Croix Festival Band-O-Rama Night8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

sat06jan10:00 amAdult's Parade10:00 am(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

sat06jan8:00 pmSt. Croix Festival Fireworks8:00 pm(GMT-04:00) IslandSt. CroixCategoryCarnival

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