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Re: Local Artists

The St John Artist's Association has a gallery at the Lumberyard complex where Pollie's used to be. They have a wide range of local artist's works o...

17 years ago
Re: Sailing on Long Distance

Karrieb, Rick & Robin do a great job on Long Distance. Rick now stays within US waters because of the new paperwork rules that were passed by Ho...

18 years ago
Re: Need help trying to contact White Wing

Good day all, You can best reach Capt. Clark via his cell phone at 340-514-6906. His email / internet connection isn't always functional. When y...

18 years ago
Re: Are mooring buoys free in Coral Bay?

I spoke to the folks at DPNR about mooring permits this morning. They said that Coral Harbor is now closed, and no new mooring permits will be grante...

19 years ago

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