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Magens Bay Watershed Preserve, Arboretum, & Coconut Grove

Magens Bay Watershed Preserve, Arboretum, & Coconut Grove

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Magens Bay is well known as one of the best beaches on the island. Just beyond the sparkling water and swaying coconut trees is a quiet retreat including dry tropical forest, moist forest and fringing mangrove wetlands – all of which is home to a variety of plants, birds, butterflies, frogs and crabs. This part of Magens Bay includes the Coconut Grove, Arboretum and the Watershed Preserve. The Preserve includes 319-acres, approximately 25 percent of the Magens Bay watershed, and is a joint effort between the Virgin Islands Government, Nature Conservancy and Magens Bay Authority. A well-maintained hiking trail leads through the Preserve allowing visitors to enjoy this treasure. The trail covers approximately 1.5 miles and is a moderately active hike.

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Magens Bay Watershed Preserve
Magens Bay Watershed Preserve


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