The US Virgin Islands Best Guide

Other Activities

Casino Gaming

There are video slot machines in independent locations, primarily at bars and restaurants, on St. Thomas. The only casino in the U.S. Virgin Islands is on St. Croix.


Geocaching is a treasure hunt of sorts; follow clues, mostly latitude and longitude positions found on a website for geocaching to find a cache site. Usually it’s a container with a few trinkets. shows 52 caches in the U.S. Virgin Islands ranging from popular vista points to beaches.


There are numerous jewelry stores, art galleries, souvenir shops, vendors, and shopping areas where you can spend a couple hours or a couple days buying everything for watches and necklaces to t-shirts and magnets. Options On:  St. Thomas  | St. John | St. Croix


Yoga is popular in the Virgin Islands. Some resorts offer sessions, if yours does not you can attend a class or two at a yoga studio. There are special offerings like beach yoga, SUP yoga, hanging yoga and a few other variations.

Spas & Massage

Pamper yourself with a massage or salon visit. Several spas on island offer massages, body wraps, facials and an assortment of other services to help you pamper yourself while on island. Private masseuses are available too. 

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