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2010 4th of July

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2010 4th of July

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My wife and I are trying to nail down flight schedules for next summer and need some help/guidance. We originally planned to leave STJ on the 5th after seeing the fireworks & parade. Our villa manager also suggested we not travel on the 4th. After reading Islanders news about the parade being on the 5th rather than 4th in 2010 we are now trying to determine when to leave.
- In your opinion, is the parade worth staying for or are the fireworks the better show?:S
- If we elect to leave on the 5th will travel through Cruz Bay be limited due to the parade so we might as well stay until the 6th?:-)
- If we blow off the whole 4th and elect to travel the 4th are ferry & car rental schedules limited due to 4th holiday?:-(
Sorry to be a bother but we would really appreciate any advice you can offer

Posted : August 5, 2009 7:58 am
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I can't give you any info for 2010 - but we flew back on the 4th this year with no problems. A cruise ship was in port, most shops were open, taxi's were running. Traffic was lighter than we expected in STT. We hated to leave but got to enjoy the fireworks at home. IF I was to do it over - I would stay and enjoy the fireworks on the island - how often will you get to do that? 🙂

Posted : August 5, 2009 11:32 am
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It certainly ain't no Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Starts at 11.00 (oh yeah) We always go down over the fourth specifically to enjoy the parade. You can see my pix from the last couple of parades. It's a great celebration the parade is. It happens, god knows how, but it all happens from the back ups to the late comers going against the traffic to get to the start point. Find a spot up around Morgan's. Bring drink and relax and enjoy. We love it.

Fireworks are a lot of fun too and not difficult to watch.

Which is the better show? Not sure cuz we like them all.

PS. if you have the opportunity to stay an extra day do it and enjoy a great fourth or fifth on the island. Good memories.

Posted : August 5, 2009 7:18 pm
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STJ has its carnival over the weekend of the 4th, so ferries are plentiful (and sometimes packed.) STT will be business as usual. If you're coming you might as well stay for the parade and fireworks. The parade draws visitors from the other VIs, and I think it would be an unpleasant hassle to be on a travel timetable on parade day.

Posted : August 5, 2009 7:48 pm

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