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Brewer's hike questions

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Brewer's hike questions

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I'll be in St. Thomas next weekend and have been wanting to hike up to Brewer's Cave for a long time. Where is the trailhead for this hike? And how technical is it? Overall just want some more info for this hike since it's a bit hard to find anything very specific online. Thanks

Posted : February 3, 2019 12:57 pm
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Hi @wjn1992, haven't hiked that trail since 2017 (pre-storms). There weren't any real trail markers at that time except that other hikers had tied ribbons and sprayed paint on a few trees to help show the way. On the far right of Brewer's Bay there are ruins next to the road; across the road from the ruins is the general area of the trail head. Not sure if there are any better markers now than there were 2 years ago. The hike is intermediate in difficultly: in part because its not well marked, and in part because its steep and involves climbing around some rocks. Give us an update if you go. 

Posted : February 13, 2019 12:52 am
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Just an update for anyone looking for information about this hike.  A coworker of mine mentioned this hike to me, so I thought I would give it a try.  I would describe it as a bit of a climb; there is a good deal of bouldering necessary and some treacherous parts.  I wouldn't take any kids that were not at least teenagers.  There are still some faded red spray-painted arrows marking the trail where you could potentially go wrong, so keep a look out for them.   Near the top there is some rope tied between trees to give a hand hold on what what would otherwise be a difficult climb up a loose dirt section.    When you get to the big rock, follow the face around to the west and pick up the trail that takes you to the top.  It's a little less obvious where the trail is when you get to the top because of thick brush, but press on because it's worth it.   

Coming down, however, was a nightmare.   Just as I reached the top the rock it began to rain, and then rain really hard for about an hour.   I had the time, so I waited out the weather and rested.    Going down after the rain was hazardous.  The steep dirt track near the top had turned into mud and I had to slide down from tree to tree.  All the wet moss covered boulders became death traps.  I took my time, almost two hours, to get down.  It was an adventure and worth it, but I'd make a few recommendations:

Check the weather;  don't go on a day if any rain is expected

Go with a friend.  I kept thinking, if I slip and break my leg, I'm going to die out here.  I didn't see another person in the 4 hours I was on the hill and my cell service was non-existent during the bad weather and some parts of the hike.

Wear a belt.  I used my quick-release tactical belt and some trees to lower myself down the muddy parts.  It's probably not necessary on a sunny day, but I'm glad I had it today.



Posted : November 3, 2019 8:59 pm
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