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Cinnamon Bay to the Airport & back??

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Cinnamon Bay to the Airport & back??

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Ok...we will be at Cinnamon Bay camping.
Our daughter will be coming to join us after the 1st night camping.
If her flight doesn't come in till 4pm....will we get over with our rental car to pick her up at the airport & be able to do the Paradise Point sunset with her & still get the car ferry back over to St. John in time or do you think we should leave the car on St. John & taxi over to pick her up at the airport...hang in town for the sunset, then taxi back to Red Hook to take the ferry back over to St. John??

Posted : August 7, 2006 1:02 pm
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The easiest thing to do would be to have her take the people ferry and meet you on St. John.

The latest car ferry leaves Red Hook between 6 and 7 pm (depending on the day), and the sun is still setting at 7's fairly dark by 7:30. When the car ferry is busy, you need to get there at least 30 minutes in advance...I've been there 40 minutes early and watched it fill up before I could get on, so keep that in mind too. So pretty much, no, you don't have time. Sorry 🙂

Posted : August 7, 2006 3:57 pm
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I would not risk the car ferry with a tight schedule. If you do and then miss the last car ferry and have to leave your vehicle overnight in Red Hook you risk having the car towed before you pick it up the next morning.

Posted : August 7, 2006 5:21 pm
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Yup...that's what I thought...
Think we'll stick to plan B....leave the car on St. John & taxi to town to get her.
Yea...yea...she is old enough to get a taxi by herself...but I'm an overprotective Mother!!

And I printed out the ferry we should be OK.

Posted : August 7, 2006 5:29 pm

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