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Day sail recommendations

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My husband and I will be in the US VI from January 21-28, 2012. We will be staying on St. Thomas. We would like to do a day sail, but with the many options available we are not sure which vendor to go with. Can anyone provide any recommendations?

Also, we would love any ideas or suggestions for our trip from people who have been to or live on St. Thomas or St. John.


Posted : July 27, 2011 2:26 pm
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We used the Coconut / Day Dreamer and they were the NICEST people you could ask for. We went to St. John and snorkeled at a few different spots. The water was almost too cold to get into, so we just had drinks and took pictures of the scenery. Very fun day with the best crew you could ask for. They also do BVI trips as well, but make sure you have your passport.
Take a day trip over to St. John to see their shops, beaches, and maybe hike a trail or two. If you like veggies, try Shipwreck Tavern and order their Buffalo Chicken or their shrimp, but be sure to make one side dish the grilled veggies (awesome). The Old Stone Farmhouse is beautiful and worth making your "fancy night out". We enjoyed parasailing out of Sapphire Beach with Joe (info also listed on the Coconut Daydreamer's website). Redhook Diver Center offers Discover Scuba for only $125 and they take out on the boat for few hours after a training lesson in the pool. Very nice people! Last time we were there, we rented scooters and had a blast. On our Sept. trip, we rented a Jeep from Discount Car Rental. I haven't found anyone who will beat their prices yet, and the lady was so friendly. The island is so beautiful, you could spend an entire day just driving around making stops here and there.
No matter what you chose to do, you are bound to have a great time!!

Posted : July 27, 2011 3:09 pm
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We just returned from St. Thomas a week ago. We chartered a catamaran sailboat for a day sail with Captain Joe. Scubadu is the name of the ship. You can Google Scubadu St. Thomas and it will come up. On his site there are plenty of testimonials. Also on tripadvisor there are many great reviews. Our party of 4 loved the day. Now he only does private charters up to 10 people. He does have a $700 minimum so if it is just the two of you you might not want to spend that much....or maybe you do?? lol He also does sunset sails which are about 3 hours and then he does dinner sails. He used to own two restaurants and his food is really great that he cooks for lunch. I would assume his dinner is outstanding as well. He and his first mate, Brenda were VERY hospitable. This will be a "must do" on our return trip!

We did take a day trip to St. John and went to Trunk Bay (a must do) and also Cinnamon Bay. The only food I ate on the island was at Uncle Joes BBQ. It is pretty close to the ferry dock. The ribs were oh so good, but the chicken was a little dry. Some people recommended Miss Lucy's to me which is on the opposite side of the island from the ferry dock, but some locals told me it was very overpriced. Our schedule didn't allow us to even try to go there. On our return trip, we will schedule in two days to go to St. John. Trunk Bay is probably the most beautiful place in earth.

When you rent a car, just make sure it can go on the ferry to St. John. Also, you might want to buy two one way tickets verses a round trip b/c you have to return on the same ferry and it might limit your time. We bought the round trip and it worked out, but it was just a thought.

Posted : July 27, 2011 6:39 pm
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Been here over 13 years and have been on New Horizons many, many times, and am always happy that I chose them. I have recommended them to so many people over the years that the owners recognize my voice on the phone! Haha! Great trips, for full day and for sunset...can't speak highly enough of them...

Posted : July 29, 2011 12:26 pm
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New Horizons

Posted : July 29, 2011 12:28 pm
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