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Ferry from st thomas to VG questions

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Mountaineer girl
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Trying to decide about ferry vs day trip to the baths. We have decided ferry might be best so we can spend more than an hour there, then do a separate day sail to Jost a different day. So, on the website it has the ferry schedules. Under inter-island ferry it has the price RT as $90 and says "rates include BVI entry and departure fees". Under speedy's it has price RT as $70 but says (BVI entry and departure fees not included" so, I emailed the inter-island ferry to confirm and their response was

" The custom fee is not included in the boat fare. It’s a extra $28.00 for the taxes. The $8.00 is the Port Authority fees leaving from St.Thomas/St.John USVI and the BVI departure tax is $20.00 when your leaving from the British Virgin Island."

So, what exactly are they saying I'll pay extra? $28 in taxes? And if we should decide to use speedy's, we would pay $40 + 28 in addition to the $70? I'm confused

Topic starter Posted : January 20, 2015 7:45 pm