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Got back from St Thomas some information and thanks!!

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Got back from St Thomas some information and thanks!!

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Hi y'all...

First of all I would like to thank to everybody that has been answering questions and their knowledge about St. Thomas and St. John. My hubby and I had a wonderful vacation there for 5 days and 4 nights visiting all the places that been recommended in this forum. While we cant seem to visit all of the places because of limited time, I would like to review some that we went and hopefully this will be so helpful for new comer (just like me:-) ).

We stayed at Bluebeard's beach club, while this hotel is actually own by Wyndham resort (they said they just bought it 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken) they also open for public around 100-180 per night. Luckily my mother in law let us use her Time share points to book our stay there.
At first I was so skeptical about this place, from reviews that I read online they said that they dont have swimming pool (its under renovation), the unit was so old and not updated, and the fact that some people said that it was too far away from everywhere. Little that I know, the resort was everything that we dream of. They have their own private beach, swim up bar and the unit that we got which is a loft was amazing (they were clean and nice).
For the beach the only set back was it was full of corals and rocks, but we already know that based on the reviews so we brought our water shoes with us, the coolest thing was if we swim to the left and right end corner of the beach and go snorkeling we can see varieties of fish, colorful corals, etc (its not as best as sapphire and St. John but it was enough for relaxing after going around the Island for a whole day).

With the limited time, we went only to the best and affordable restaurant in St Thomas and Miss Lucy in St John.
St Thomas
We went to hook line and sinker for lunch and sunday breakfast. Both experience eating here was heaven. Hubby and I both love seafood, so we got the grouper special and red snapper special for lunch, hubby and I agree that the grouper with white wine sauce is the best. And for sunday breakfast we go for smoke salmon and lobster omelet, both are so good but the lobster have hollandaise sauce on top which is awesome.

We went to Iggy's for dinner and I have their fish fry (which is amazing!) I cant remember what my husband got but I would recommend the fish fry.

The next day we went to shipwreck tavern for hamburger, I have to say I was pretty disappointed with this place. Our service was so slow and they were not that busy at the time, the burger that we got was plain and I dont think they put salt and pepper on the meat. But It was a nice experience seeing all the pirates statues and all the cool decoration inside the restaurant.

We also went to Frenchtown deli for breakfast and sandwich. This place is ahma-zing not only everyone was so nice, the price was reasonable and their croissant crab salad was beyond amazing. If you want a cheaper pick then this place is perfect.

St. John
we went to Miss Lucy for lunch, as usual I got fish fry and hubby got seafood wrap. I love both food, but I want to say hubby's food was amazing! It was different and their spicy remoulade sauce is just amazing. The only set back for miss lucy was the food was pretty oil-y but its not really a big deal.

we went to magens bay and trunk bay. I was hoping that we have more time so we can go to waterlemon cay and see octopus sting ray, etc. Someday when we come back we will definitely go there.

About cars and transportation.

I dont know why reviewers said that bluebeards beach club was far away from everything else. I believe those who wrote this probably like to go to bars and night club at night. Hubby and I doesnt really like going to bars or night club, we drink beer or liquor occasionally but not big on partying and getting drunk in the bar. We think that Bluebeards is located just in the perfect spot, middle of St. Thomas, drive 10 minutes to west we got Frenchtown and 10 minutes to east we got red hook, I think the hotels is just perfect to whoever that loves to explore the island.

I know a lot of people said that renting a jeep is a must in St thomas and St John. We end up getting compact car, which I think its suzuki something (the cheap and small ones) We drove everywhere and even on a heavy rain at St John and had no problems going up and down on hill-y St John and St Thomas road, but we did stay on major highway like Rt 30, 107, etc on both Islands. We use service from dependable, the customer service, the pick up driver, everyone was so nice, they didnt try anything about selling us or upgrading the car rental. We got what we want, we pay deposit for $500 and when we return the car we pay the whole entire car rental amount. No question ask, no rude or salesman, its was a straight forward transactions.

We didnt use safari nor taxi. It was too much hassle for us using safari, just because we love to explore, so everywhere we go we bring cooler, snorkle stuff, water shoes, beach towels, etc etc, it will be a lot hassle using safari with all our belongings. And Taxi is just way to expensive since they charge per person, to my best knowledge to go from airport/charlotte amalie to bluebeard's beach club was $20 per person. The cost of renting the car was $140.88 for 3 days, so we save at least $100 from riding taxi everywhere, and guess how much we pay for gas for 3 days? $20...and this because we drove all the way east and west of St Thomas, and the same thing as St John.

My overall satisfaction was 10 out of 10. Hubby and I travels a lot especially to places that have beautiful beaches ( we live in KS so Beach is like major vacation destination). We went to asia, mexico, puerto rico, etc and I want to say that St. Thomas really exceed our expectation and rank no. 1 in our vacation destination compare to others that we've gone to. Hopefully near the future we will be able to get our own place there. The only suggestion that I have for US VI government about food prices LOL I know everything have to be ship but it's just expensive.
Oh and one more thing, I suggest to bring small cooler, so when you go with your own adventure, you dont need to stop at every gas station or joint food places, you have your own drinks in the cooler and if applicable bring your own beer. We did this the whole entire trip there and we save a lot of time and money because we bring our own drinks and gatorade (a must when it is so hot outside).
Last thing about groceries, my suggestion go to K-mart because its a lot cheaper than other grocery stores (in my opinion).

Thanks so much y'all..because of this forum we had an amazing and satisfactory vacation!!!!

P.S: I have to edit this I almost forgot something, when we left for St Thomas, most of the people that was on line in custom got asked about passport or birth certificate. Hubby got his passport and when you see my last thread I dont have one, but I brought my proof of citizenship with me and we got no problem passing custom.

Posted : July 20, 2011 1:17 pm
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So glad you had a great vacation - come back soon! 🙂

Posted : July 20, 2011 4:20 pm
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A lovely trip report and thanks so much for sharing! 😀

Posted : July 20, 2011 4:44 pm
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I'm so glad to hear that you had a great time.

Posted : July 20, 2011 5:49 pm
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