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Sept 2011 vacation & the weather

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Sept 2011 vacation & the weather

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I have never been to the Virgin Islands and not sure about the weather . I would like to arrive mid to late Sept of 2011. Also can anyone tell me about their knowledge of the Sugar Bay hotel..(Wyndham previously) I believe. Also what can I expect as far as cleanliness?

Posted : July 23, 2011 3:49 pm
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Keep your eye on the Tropical Update at :50 past the hour on the Weather channel, or monitor Stormpulse each day...basically just watch out for any possible Hurricanes or Tropical will usually have plenty of notice and be able to adjust your trip as necessary (get trip cancellation insurance, it's worth it...ya just never know when we'll be hit and September is the busiest month for storms). As far as cleanliness goes, the Sugar Bay Resort is beautiful, you will be pleased with your stay. Remember, our island is only 3 miles wide by 12 long, so all economic levels are in close proximity to each other...the 'projects' can be right down the road from the classiest of places...odds are you will travel thru Smith Bay to get to Sugar Bay, and Smith Bay is kind of a depressed area...but, as soon as you go in the gate onto Sugar Bay's property, everything will be pristine. The beach is not the best on island, but you have 42 others to choose from....

Posted : July 26, 2011 4:09 pm
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The Sugar Bay Spa & Resort is very nice....(we stay next door at the Point Pleasant Resort).

The property & pool are well kept.

The Spa offers great exercise programs, too.

As for beaches, Smith Bay Park (Linqvist Beach) is next door, Coki & Sapphire Beaches are nearby.

Recommend that you rent a car during your stay.

As for the weather.....September is a "questionable" month....the height of the "H" season.


Posted : July 26, 2011 4:30 pm
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