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recent airfare pricing

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We normally come down in May, sometimes later, but never earlier. This year, we're planning on coming the last full week in April, and we're running into a huge airfare spike (approx 75 percent more than what we've paid for 5 or 6 years). My first guess was that it was still considered to be 'in season" enough to warrant the elevated prices, but even when I price them out later into summer, the prices are still much higher than normal.

Does anyone have any idea what has been going on in the last few months for pricing to be like this? Are there local factors I'm unaware of? I'm not exactly a frequent flier, but I also don't think I'm a fool, but this might just prove me wrong.

Posted : February 22, 2016 10:02 pm
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The last week of April is the final week of the St Thomas Carnival - huge influx of visitors along with Virgin Islanders living stateside coming home for the celebrations!

Posted : February 23, 2016 7:08 am
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Ah, it's nice to hear it's a rationale reason and not just the airlines jerking us around. Ended up finding a good option with JetBlue last night, so we're set. Thanks for the info!

Posted : February 24, 2016 11:59 am
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Make sure you go to Food Fair and enjoy Carnival 2016!

Posted : February 24, 2016 10:52 pm
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Seems that gone are the days of decent fares and routes from Philadelphia. We've always enjoyed our usair connection PHL - STT. Now, with AA, we are facing 14-23 hour travel times and $600-$700 tix. However, JFK seems to offer a consistent fare of $350-$400 and non stop routing. We are going to eat the cost of driving to and parking in New York, which is still a savings as we are traveling as a party of 7.

Posted : May 9, 2016 12:32 pm

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