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Paul G.
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 Paul G.
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We've rented a villa in the Peterborg district near Megan's Bay and are wondering about the availability of taxi service to/from that northern part of the island.

We understand we can easily rent vehicles, but the thought of having a couple "rum pops" then negotiating the St Thomas roads -- driving on the left -- seems less than the smart thing to do. We've heard taxis are less than enthusiastic about driving up to that area since places are not clearly addressed and therefore hard to find.

I wonder if one could "pre-tip" a driver, show him where your villa is located, then have him or a fellow driver willing to provide rides to and from the villa for the regular fares.

Any experience with this?

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You will not find taxis say waiting along the Peterborg road to pick you up or be flagged down. However they will come pick you up there, unless the road to the villa you are staying at is a bad road then the taxis may not want to take their vehicle on such a road.

You can make arrangements with the driver you use to get from the airport to your villa. Tell them you want their business card or contact information so that when you want to go out you can call them or their taxi dispatcher. That way they would know where your villa is.

Unless your villa is really way out there you should not have any trouble. However there are a few villas on the island that are very private, down long dirt roads. Taxi's don't like this situation, puts them in far out locations as well as potential for vehicle damage on dirt road. So find out details about the villa's access road and driveway.


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