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The Best Things to Do for a U.S. Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

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The Best Things to Do for a U.S. Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

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Though even the most devoted sailors admit that a fantastic beach, restaurant, or walk on land is worth the detour, sailing the waters brings us the greatest satisfaction. Additionally, there are many experiences to be had while sailing around the @vibinvi" target="_blank" rel="noopener">US Virgin Islands (USVI). In case you need some motivation, these are a few of our most beloved activities:

Favorite things to do on a USVI Sailing Charter
Beach Getaways
At Honeymoon Beach, Waterlemon Cay, and Oppenheimer Beach, experience the bliss of sandy shorelines.

Trekking Experiences

Put on your shoes and explore the Virgin Islands National Park's many interesting routes, such as the Santa Maria Beach Path and the Magens Bay Beach Trail.
Gourmet Treats
Savour fresh fish and Caribbean delights at restaurants like Sunset Grille at Secret Harbour (St. Thomas), Morgan's Mango (St. John), and Duggan's Reef (St. Croix). Don't miss Lime Out, St. John's floating restaurant, for a unique dining experience.

Submerged Research

Explore the fascinating world beneath the waters at Cane Bay, Maho Bay Beach, Christmas Cove, Waterlemon Cay, and Coki Point Beach.
Historical Findings
Visit historical sites including the Scale House weight station, the Annaberg Sugar Plantation, Fort Christian, Fort Segarra (an underground fort next to Druif Bay), and the Columbus Landing Site to fully immerse oneself in the past.
The Nature Connection
Visit Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge or Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge to see wildlife, and visit locations like St. George Village plant Garden or Phantasea Tropical Botanical Garden to marvel at the magnificent plant displays.
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Whether you're interested in full-day trips, half-day excursions, or romantic sunset sails find a list of top-recommended sailing charters in St. Thomas.

St. Thomas Sailing Charters & Excursions

Posted : April 24, 2024 9:28 am

St. Thomas Activities

Set sail on top-rated charters, explore underwater wonders with scuba diving, encounter exotic animals, and venture into the wild with kayaking and ecotours. Feel the adrenaline with parasailing, aerial tours, and water sports for a memorable vacation.
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