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Weather in October

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Weather in October

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Going to St. John Sat. October 17th what is the weather like now? can we expect at least a little bit of sun?

Posted : October 12, 2009 10:45 am
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Every day you can expect sun! Well, unless you come during a "storm". Today has been raining most of the morning but right now it is bright and sunny. Not to worry!


Posted : October 12, 2009 11:19 am
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Thanks a lot:-) Hoping for some sun during our 7 day stay!

Posted : October 12, 2009 11:21 am
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you will get a lot of sum. The temeratures have begun to drop, but not by a lot. The water is still very warm.


Posted : October 12, 2009 4:17 pm
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Bring plenty of sunscreen ...

Posted : October 12, 2009 6:54 pm
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STT Resident wrote:
Bring plenty of sunscreen ...

I always like when that advice is given for my destination.8-)

Posted : October 15, 2009 12:30 pm
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You will get plenty of sun!!! WE were just there last week! It rained one day, but that was it...we all came home with a great tan!!

Posted : October 18, 2009 9:18 pm
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We were in the VI's last October...Lots of sun and great weather..

Posted : October 20, 2009 12:28 pm

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