Save The Turtles- Clean up the Lagoon on kayaks with VI Ecotours
Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 9am

HELP SAVE THE SEA TURTLES! Volunteers are needed to help remove plastic bags from the mangrove trees in the lagoon. Please join us Sunday morning for a clean up. Bring a friend or be partnered with another volunteer and paddle into the lagoon to pull small plastic shopping bags out of the trees (blown from the dump). Almost all of them are reachable near the waterline from a kayak. The Virgin Islands Ecotours guides will help you into your kayaks, offer you plastic gloves, a garbage bag, life jackets and paddling lessons, no experience needed.

The sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for their favorite foods-jelly fish-and we need to remove a thousand bags. Everyone’s efforts will make a big impact and will be greatly appreciated. Come at 9 am, a little earlier or a little later is OK. There will be someone to help you when you arrive.

If you have questions, please call Virgin Islands Ecotours at 340.779.2155. Our phones are working and we are open for business – guided tours and rentals of kayaks to explore the lagoon on your own. On Sunday, the kayaks will be free of charge if you are helping to pick up the garbage bags in the mangrove trees in the lagoon.

Thank you for your help in sharing the details of this Event with your friends! If you can make it on another date with some friends, please call us too, we will be happy to arrange equipment for you to use at a time that works better for you. Thank you!

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