Mangrove Lagoon Marine Reserve

This series of protected areas on St. Thomas’ East End includes three sites. The first, Compass Point Pond, is home to shorebirds like snowy egrets and little blue herons. The second includes a mangrove lagoon and Cas Cay. The lagoon is a complex series of small islands fringed with red mangroves. The mangroves’ branches provide nesting sites for birds; and their complex elevated roots provide a valuable nursery for juvenile fish. It is a beautiful area covering 680 acres. Cas Cay is a small island with a coral rubble shoreline; a trail allows for exploring the island and visiting Red Point Blow Hole! Lastly, St. James Marine Reserve protects the stretch of ocean near the lagoon and pond. Guided kayak tours within the Mangrove Lagoon are available from St. Thomas.


Mangrove Lagoon


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