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Sunset Sails in St. Thomas

Everything You Need to Know about Sunset Cruises in St. Thomas

Virgin Islands Sunset Sailing

Enjoy an Amazing Vacation Experience on a Sunset Cruise in St. Thomas

Embarking on a sunset charter from the shores of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands is more than an activity. It’s an invitation to enter a world of serene beauty, and an opportunity to enjoy one of the unique ways that charters in St. Thomas are sharing the sunset experience with travelers like you. Options include sailing and power boating, plus perks like snorkeling, cocktails, appetizers, and dinner.

A sunset charter in St. Thomas is a perfect way to end the day and literally cruise into the night. Sail away from the shoreline and watch the sky beam with radiant hues of the setting sun. The palette of colors, including yellow, orange, red and sometimes violet, is gorgeous. The view on a sunset cruise, also includes St. Thomas’ beautiful coastline, the ocean and horizon, and neighboring islands and cays.  

Sunset charters in St. Thomas are not one-size-fits all. You can tailor your experience based on the boat you choose, whether it’s a sunset sail or a motorboat, the number of passengers, the amenities offered by the charter, and the destination. There is also the choice of a private sunset charter or a group charter. Couples or families that want a romantic or intimate setting might prefer a private sunset charter. Those looking to enjoy sunset in St. Thomas, while having the chance to make new friends, can join a group sunset cruise. Keep in mind that on a group sunset charter, you can steal away from others and find a spot on the boat to have a moment on your own.

Group Sunset Cruises in St. Thomas

Enjoy a beautiful sunset in St. Thomas while out at sea and in the company of new friends. Several of the island’s resorts offer popular and fun sunset cruises including a Sunset Sail with Cocktails from the Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove, a Champagne Sunset Sail from Margaritaville, a Cocktail Sunset Cruise from Sapphire Beach Resort Marina, a Days End Sunset Sail out of The Ritz-Carlton Resort, and a Charlotte Amalie Harbor Sunset Dinner Sail. These trips are open to guests staying at other resorts, and at villas, and Airbnb’s. The perks these St. Thomas sunset charters offer like cocktails, champagne, appetizers, or dinner do vary. You can compare the group charters below and then book the best St. Thomas sunset cruise for your group.

The Cat: Harbor Lights Dinner Sail


Be sure to come hungry for The Cat's Harbor Lights BBQ Dinner Sail around Charlotte Amalie Harbor! BBQ dinner includes salad, veggies, hummus & pita, rolls, sweet & sour chicken, bbq pulled pork, tequila jalapeno lime flank steak, mac & cheese, rice & beans, and chips & salsa. Enjoy the beautiful backdrop of St. Thomas’ picturesque harbor - one of the prettiest in the Caribbean. Beverages are included: non-alcoholic, cocktails, beer & wine. Departs from Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove Dock. Costs: $45 for ages 3-12, and $85 for ages 13 and older. Ideal for everyone: all ages and abilities! Dinner sail departs at 5:30pm and returns at 7:30pm.

BBQ Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

Water activity

The Cat: Sunset Sail with Cocktails and Appetizers


Enjoy a beautiful 1.5-hour sunset cruise onboard 'The Cat' around Charlotte Amalie. Ideal for: everyone and anyone! Singles, couples, groups, friends, families - people of all ages and abilities! Includes appetizers of vegetables, pita and hummus, meat and cheese platter, chips and salsa, and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic cocktails, wine, beer, and water. Departs from Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove Dock. Costs: $30 for ages 3-12, and $65 for 13 and older. Sunset sail departs at 5:30pm and returns at 7pm. Don't forget the free pirate tattoos to show off your experience!

Ideal for: Singles, Couples, Groups

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Snorkel Cat: Champagne Sunset Sail


Join us aboard the brand-new Catamaran ‘Snorkel Cat’ for a beautiful evening on the water, watching the sunset. This trip includes an open bar all evening, with coke products, juices, wine, champagne, mixed cocktails, painkillers & rum punch, plus a variety of appetizers. Sail out past the island of St. Thomas and enjoy spectacular coastline views and the magical sunset! Departs from the Margaritaville Dock. Costs: $65 for ages 3-12, and $105 for 13 and older. All ages welcome. Sunset sail starts at 5pm and returns at 7pm.

Brand New Catamaran

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Breakaway Charters: Cocktail Sunset Cruise


This 2-hour sunset cruise will give you unobstructed views of the dramatic shoreline bathed in a pallet of spectacular sunset shades, while the friendly crew sees to your every need. Departs from the Sapphire Beach Resort Marina at 5pm. Once onboard you are greeted, given a brief history of the boat and orientation, along with your first cold drink of the evening and a starter of many complimentary hors d'oeuvres. A great way to enjoy an evening in the Virgin Islands. Costs: $65 for ages 3-12, and $105 for ages 13 and older.

Daily 5pm to 7pm

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Private Sunset Cruises in St. Thomas Include Sailboats and Powerboats

A private sunset charter can cater to your group’s needs and wants and offer a personalized trip. The ambiance will be intimate with just your family and friends onboard. Private sunset cruises in St. Thomas generally can accommodate up to 6 passengers, though some boats can take up to 12. You can choose a sailboat, catamaran, motorboat, or a yacht. Private sunset cruises in St. Thomas are usually 1.5 hours to 2 hours, and might include perks like cocktails, champagne, beer, or wine, hor d’oeuvres, a fruit platter or snacks, and an opportunity to go snorkeling or for an evening swim. Private sunset charters in St. Thomas usually operate from one of the island’s marinas like Saga Haven Marina, Compass Point Marina, American Yacht Harbor, Oasis Cove Marina, Sapphire Beach Resort Marina, and Yacht Haven Grande Marina.

Things to Know Before You Go on a St. Thomas Sunset Charter

What is Included in a St. Thomas Sunset Cruise: When comparing sunset cruise options in the Virgin Islands, a few items to look at are whether there is a captain and crew, availability of an open bar, snacks and food, and fuel cost. All sunset cruises in St. Thomas include a captain; some include crew. Most sunset cruises in St. Thomas offer an open bar with a variety of beverage options, and some charters include light appetizers, fruit platter or dinner. On private sunset charters, fuel might be included in the price, while others charge for fuel based on usage on top of the charter price.

What to bring on your Sunset Cruise in St. Thomas: On your St. Thomas sunset sail wear something comfortable. The Virgin Islands is warm year-round, but in the winter months (December to February), it can get a little chilly on the sea after sunset. Bring along a very light jacket in your bag just in case you need it. If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to take something in advance of your sunset cruise or try wearing an anti-motion sickness wrist band.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sunset Charters in St. Thomas

Q: How long is a sunset cruise in St. Thomas?

Sunset charters in St. Thomas that include beverages and light snacks might last from 1.5 hours to 2 hours, while those that include stopping for dinner might be 3 to 5 hours.

Q: Why go on a sunset sail in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands?

St. Thomas sunsets sails are romantic, fun, and provide great photography opportunities. Imagine the gently sway of the boat, the awesome colors of the setting sun, and the tranquility. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, allowing for quiet reflection, cuddling, or for a grand gesture like a marriage proposal. For families or a group of friends on vacation in St. Thomas, a sunset sail can be a fun way to enjoy a happy hour cruise with a stunning view. Photography opportunities on a sunset sail in the Virgin Islands are many. As the sun kisses the day goodbye, everything is bathed in a stunning warm hue. It’s the golden hour photographers love and an opportunity to see the dramatic landscapes of the sea and sky. You’ll have a chance to take photos of the light reflecting off the water, silhouettes of your friends and family, islands in the distance, plus the vibrant colors in the sky.

Q: Are there sunset dinner cruises in St. Thomas?

There are sunset charter experiences in St. Thomas that include dinner as part of the trip, like the Sunset & Harbor Lights Dinner Sail that sails from the Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove. There are also sunset cruise options that allow you to enjoy the sunset on the way to a seaside location for dinner. This includes Lovango Resort and Beach Club or a near-shore restaurant on St. John. After dinner you sail back to the starting point under a star-filled and moon-lit sky. A third option is a late afternoon cruise to Pizza Pi VI, the one and only floating pizza restaurant, for snorkeling and pizza and then catching the sunset on the way back to St. Thomas.

Q: Can I get married on a sunset sail in St. Thomas, USVI?

Sunset sails by nature of the gorgeous scenery offer a romantic ambiance, and you might be thinking that it’s perfect for a destination wedding in St. Thomas. And you would be right. You can get married on a sunset sail in St. Thomas and have the reception onboard too. Most sunset sail companies can help plan for events like engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Ask them about your plans and together create something unforgettable.

Q: How do I book the Pizza Pi Sunset Cruise in St. Thomas?

So, you heard about the popular and unique floating pizzeria off St. Thomas and want to check it out? The unique dining and boating experience that a sunset cruise to Pizza Pi offers is sure to be a vacation favorite. There are several private charters that offer a Pizza Pi Sunset Trip including Ocean Surfari’s Do It All Trip: Snorkel, Pizza & Sunset Cruise, and Stormy Pirates’ Sunset Sail & Pizza Pi.

If you haven’t heard about this cool spot, here’s the scoop. Pizza Pi VI is a pizza boat that anchors in Christmas Cove, a calm bay on the west end of Great St. James. Charters anchor in the bay and guests can swim in crystal clear waters and snorkel, before indulging in freshly made pizza. The flavors of the delicious pies are enhanced by the awe-inspiring seascape and stunning sunset views. A sunset sail to Pizza Pi begins with cruising over to Christmas Cove, where guests can place their pizza orders. Then you can swim, snorkel or have a cocktail on your charter until the pizza is ready. All the while you will enjoy epic views and catch the sunset. This experience makes for an enchanting evening on the water.

Q: Where is the best place to watch sunset in St. Thomas?

The best place to catch sunset in St. Thomas, well that depends on what you define as best. Are you looking for quiet, romantic, a happy hour party, or great photo opportunity? You can catch a sunset while strolling on the beach, from a mountainside look out, or from a seaside restaurant. Some activity oriented sunset options include a sunset sail, sunset kayak excursion, or catching a sunset before a night snorkeling tour.

Sunset Magens Bay

Sunset and Evening Water Activities in St. Thomas

Vacation activities on and in the water don’t end when the sun sets in St. Thomas. How about a night kayaking trip? Or snorkeling? Snorkeling at night is a awesome opportunity to see marine life that only come out at night, and possibly experience bioluminescence. If you are scuba certified you can consider a night dive while in St. Thomas. 

Want More Time on the Water? Take a Day Charter in St. Thomas

If boating at sunset is not enough, and you want a half day or full day on the water, then you are not alone. Boating in St. Thomas is one of the top experiences for visitors and residents. St. Thomas is a small island and jumping on a boat is the way to get off the rock and explore. Whether that’s exploring above the sea, below the sea, by sail or powerboat, to catch the sunset, or go island hopping to check out neighboring islands – you can do it all on a boat charter. Have a look: St. Thomas Boat Charters and Sailing Excursions in St. Thomas. There are many wonderful powerboat and sailing charter options for you to consider.

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