Cruise Ship Leary

Cruise Ship Leary  


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July 22, 2019 4:44 pm  

We are scheduled to arrive with about 12,000 other people (3 cruise ships coming altogether) via Disney cruise in October.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where one could go and still enjoy a somewhat secluded beach for snorkeling in St. Thomas?  We rented a Jeep on our own.  I was also thinking about taking the ferry to St. John for part of the day, but will that even be possible considering the crowds?  I would be worried I wouldn't make it back to the ship with the crowds of people!  I refuse to pay the Disney excursion prices.  I just want to make the most of my time.  Thanks in advance!!!

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September 12, 2019 11:30 am  


Finding a secluded beach on a busy ship day can be a challenge. I would try Hull Bay, its a little off the beaten path but well worth the trip. The beach has some good snorkeling on the right-side when facing the water, it also has a nice restaurant/bar nearby. Take a look at this snorkeling blog post for more snorkeling options on St. Thomas. I would avoid Secret Harbor and Coki Beach on busy cruise ship days as they can become very busy.

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