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Are you an Islander at heart thinking about everything Virgin Islands 24 X 7? Dreaming about the sand beneath your feet 365 days a year? We have you covered here whether its St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix. 

Our Blog “Around the Islands” will give you a close-up and personal view of our home the U.S. Virgin Islands. — The Islander

  • David Hamilton Jackson Day

    David Hamilton Jackson

    David Hamilton Jackson was a labor activist and an advocate of free press. He played a key role in St. Croix's labor rights movements in…

  • What’s in a name? Lindbergh Bay, St. Thomas


    If you were on St. Thomas 88 years ago today you would have had a chance to see the famous American aviator, Charles Lindbergh. His…

  • Fort Christian in St. Thomas: A 300-Year-Old Historical Landmark in the Virgin Islands

    Fort Christian, St. thomas

    In the capital of the Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, stands a large fort and if its walls could talk what a history it would tell.…

  • The Danish West Indies

    Danish Flag

    The United States bought the Virgin Islands in 1917. In the last 86 years under the American flag the islands have seen a change in…

  • Blast from the Past – Vintage USVI

    Have you ever cleaned your house with a hand-made broom made from native USVI Teyer Palm? Do you know what a ‘goose’ is, the type…

  • French Heritage Week in St. Thomas

    French Flags

    Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14th, is the national holiday of France. It is celebrated on July 14th because on this day in 1789 the…

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