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Are you an Islander at heart thinking about everything Virgin Islands 24 X 7? Dreaming about the sand beneath your feet 365 days a year? We have you covered here whether its St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix. 

Our Blog “Around the Islands” will give you a close-up and personal view of our home the U.S. Virgin Islands. — The Islander

Driving with Donkeys

Keep Left – USVI Driving Tips

A couple weeks ago, stopped at a 3-way intersection, a jeep turns the corner into the right lane, which happened to be the wrong lane, and stays…

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Guavaberry – The Christmas Drink

There is a popular Christmas song in the Virgin Islands that goes “Good Mornin, Good Mornin, ah come fo’ me Guavaberry; Good Mornin, Good Mornin…

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The Story of Larimar

Larimar or blue pectolite is an extremely rare gemstone. It has been found only in one location: a mountainous, relatively inaccessible area in the province…

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Food Stand Virgin Island

Flavors of the VI: West Indian Gooseberry Jam

In this “Flavors of the VI” post we look at a tropical fruit, an island tradition, and the recipe! I fondly remember picking gooseberries as a child…

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Caribbean Dawn

The Natural Sounds of St. John, USVI

If you have ever lived or vacationed in the Virgin Islands and sat outside in the late evening you will certainly remember the pleasant sounds…

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St. John Carnival Steel Pan

Steel Pan Music and the Pan Dragons of St. John

From Paint Tins to Global Phenomenon: The Evolution of Steel Pan The steel pan is one of the few genuinely novel acoustic instruments invented in…

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